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  1. herbicide
  2. harrowing
  3. idiosyncrasy
  4. guise
  5. girth
  1. a appearance, semblance (noun)
  2. b a substance used to destroy plants, especially weeds (noun)
  3. c extremely distressing; disturbing or frightening (adjective)
  4. d a behavioral quirk; a person's idea about behavior different from others (noun)
  5. e distance around something; circumference (noun)

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  1. management of resources, especially in agriculture (noun)
  2. a small, miserable dwelling; an open, low shed (noun)
  3. to arouse to action (verb)
  4. not appropriate, unsuited to the surroundings; not fitting in (adjective)
  5. to brag greatly (verb)

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  1. grandiloquentattempting to impress with big words or grand gestures (adjective)


  2. histrionicoverly dramatic, theatrical (adjective)


  3. gossamerappearance, semblance (noun)


  4. gluttonto brag greatly (verb)


  5. impedeTo obstruct or interfere with; to delay (verb)


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