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mi libro

my book

tu libro

your (for a "tú") book

su libro

his book

sus libros

his books

su libro

her book

nuestra casa

our house

nuestro perro

our dog

nuestras clases

our classes

nuestros libros

our books

vuestras clases

your classes (to your friends in Spain)

su maestro

your teacher (to an "usted, to "Mr. Reed")

su tarea

her homework

tu casa

your house (to your friend)

tus lápices

your pencils (to your friend)

su pastel de cumpleaños

his birthday cake

nuestros perros

our dogs

sus gatos

your cats (to El Sr. y la Sra. Gómez)

su escuela

their school

nuestra escuela

our school

mi coche

my car

tus clases

your classes (to a friend)

nuestras notas

our grades

sus padres

their parents

mis abuelos

my grandparents

sus nietos

their grandchildren

mi primo

my cousin (a boy)

vuestros amigos

your friends (imagine you are saying this TO your friends in Spain!)

su familia

your family (to your friends Marcos and Ana and in Mexico)

sus tacos

their tacos

sus zapatos

her shoes

mis amigos

my friends

su mamá

his mom (mom= mamá)

tus primos

your cousins (to your friend)

su regla

his ruler

nuestros ojos

our eyes

tus notas

your grades (to your friend)

nuestra clase

our class

mi deporte favorito

my favorite sport

su dinero

her money (money = dinero)

mis ejercicios

my exercises

sus cuadernos

your workbooks (to a group of students)

su oficina

your office (to an "usted," to Mr. Reed!)

sus llaves

his keys

nuestros adjetivos posesivos

our possessive adjectives

tu comida

your food (to your friend)

mi opinión

my opinion (opinion = opinión)

vuestra familia

your family (to Carlos and Alberto in Spain)

sus mascotas

their pets

su cumpleaños

her birthday

mis colores favoritos

my favorite colors

mis zapatos

my shoes

mi zapato

my shoe

mi cumpleaños

my birthday

su tío

their uncle

our aunt

nuestra tía

sus sobrinos

his nephews

nuestro hotel

our hotel (hotel = el hotel - nice, eh?)

mi ropa

my clothes

nuestra pluma

our pen

tu pluma

your pen (to a friend)

mi pluma

my pen

su pluma

your pen (to an "usted," to Mr. Reed!)

su pluma

his pen

su pluma

her pen

vuestra pluma

your pen (to your friends in Spain)

su pluma

your pen (to your friends in Mexico, NOT SPAIN!)

su pluma

their pen

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