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more than half the ____ in the US and canada have been lost to urban and agricultural development, but the recent _____ subsidizes landowners to restore or protect remaining areas

wetlands/ wetlands reserve program

the US agency charged with slowing soil degradation is the

natural resources conservation service

the conservation reserve program pays farmers to

stop cultivating highly erodible cropland

in queensland, australia, cactus moths

effectively cleared non-native prickly pear cactus from rangeland

which of the following best describes integrated pest management

biocontrol measures, crop rotation, habitat diversification

relative to agriculture, insects are usually

essential pollinators and predators for sustainable systems

why did the indonesian government support IPM for agriculture in 1986

pesticide subsidies were costing money, causing pollution and decreasing yields

which of the following is true

in 2010 one in four adults in the US is obese and 3 out of 5 are overweight

green revolution techniques

have increased crop yields but may not be sustainable

during the past half century, global food production has ____ world population growth

grown at a faster rate than

norman borlaug, who passed away in 2009, pioneered the development of

high-yield wheat


is an agricultural practice of growing large stands of a single species

seed banks are important for

protecting genetic diversity

what was the impact of the green revolution on developing countries

there were massive increases in production due to the use of crops better suited to advanced agriculture

which types of people in the united states are most prone to over-nutrition

those in the lower class

what agricultural system would be most susceptible to diseases or pests


what would be considered a monoculture

a 100-acre field all of which is planted with the same variety of corn

what is true for how the term weed is used in agriculture

a weed is any organism that competes with our crops

biological control can have unintended consequences when

the biological control agent becomes invasive and affects nontarget species

over time, pesticides become less effective. this is because

pests can evolve defenses against pesticides

how is biological control used for battling pests

it is a strategy that used the predators of crop pests for pest control

what is true of pollinators in modern agriculture

while bees are the most important pollinators, crop plants are also pollinated by wasps, moths, butterflies, birds, beetles, flies and even bats

the giant foxtail is a plant species that competes with soybean growth on farms. the giant foxtail can be considered a


what method of pest control operates on the principle that the enemy of ones enemy is ones friend


which of the following statements is true about diversity of our crops today

the diversity of our craps has decreased with the green revolution

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