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  1. What do laptops used to add functionality to the laptop?
  2. What are the two types of base stations?
  3. How do you customize a laptop for a specific purpose?
  4. What kind of standard do first generation cell phones use?
  5. What is the brain of the computer?
  1. a PC card & Express card slots
  2. b Adding External Components
  3. c Docking Station & Port Replicator
  4. d Analog
  5. e CPU

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  1. Reduce Power consumption
  2. Sleep
  3. YES~ digital
  4. Portability
  5. 1991-Macintosh PowerBook 100 series

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  1. What are SODIMMs?Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module


  2. What is wrong if the LCD remains dark while the laptop is open?Portability


  3. What is troubleshooting?Wireless Transceiver


  4. What is meant by hot swappable?CPU


  5. What does the LCD cut off switch do?85.6 x 54 (mm)