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  1. What is a smartphone?
  2. What do laptop processors use to modify the clock speed as need to reduce power consumption and heat?
  3. Do laptops use AC or DC power?
  4. What is the Internet standard for text messaging?
  5. What device turns up the volume?
  1. a SMS (short message service)
  2. b DC power
  3. c Portable or Handheld Devices
  4. d Volume Control
  5. e CPU throttling

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  1. Toggle between monitor/Volume, Display brightness, check battery
  2. 1991-Macintosh PowerBook 100 series
  3. Routine cleaning
  4. Adding External Components
  5. 8.5 GB

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  1. What is a base station?Attaches AC Power


  2. How do you gain access to configuration utilities for input devices?Start>Control panel>Mouse


  3. What is used to add functionality to the laptops such as memory, a modem or a network connection?PC card & Express card slots


  4. What device moves the pointer?Volume Control


  5. How do you configure our power settings?~lint-free cotton cloth
    ~Wipe from the center of the disc outward.
    ***never USE circular motion**