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  1. What is the difference between a port replicator and a docking station?
  2. How do you gain access to configuration utilities for input devices?
  3. Where do you enable ACPI power management?
  4. What is troubleshooting?
  5. How thick is a Type II PC card?
  1. a 5.5
  2. b Start>Control panel>Mouse
  3. c BIO's
  4. d Identify the problem
  5. e Port Replicator=>no speaker, smaller, no PCI
    Docking station=>speaker

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  1. power supply to be used in different countries
  2. Determine cost of parts to replacement of LAPTOP
  3. Tell CPU to consume power
  4. 3.3...
  5. Adding External Components

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  1. Disconnecting peripherals is an example ofSTEP 3- determining the cause


  2. Where are ports, connections, and drives located on the laptop?Front / Back / Side


  3. If the cellular WAN utility software is not in the task bar, where should you find it?LCD cutoff switch


  4. When do you establish a plan of action?establish a plan of action to resolve the problem & implement the solution.


  5. What generation of cell phones allows you to send and receive test, photos and videos?MMS (multimedia message service)