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  1. What is the difference between a port replicator and a docking station?
  2. What generation of cell phones allows you to send and receive test, photos and videos?
  3. What device turns up the volume?
  4. What is the storage capacity of a BD?
  5. What is the size of a PC card?
  1. a 85.6 x 54 (mm)
  2. b Port Replicator=>no speaker, smaller, no PCI
    Docking station=>speaker
  3. c Volume Control
  4. d 25 GB(single) / 50 GB (dual)
  5. e Digital & GMS (globe mobile system), iDEN (intergarted digital network,CDMA (code division multiple access)

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  1. ~non-abrasive cleaning solution on a soft cloth.
  2. YES~ digital
  3. Front / Back / Side
  4. DC power
  5. Lithium -Polymer

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  1. How thick is a Type III PC card?10.5


  2. What are SODIMMs?electronic personal organizer


  3. What are the two low battery warnings?Low & Critical


  4. What are the two methods of power management?~APM=>Advance Power Management
    ~ACPI=>Advanced Configuration & Power Interface


  5. What was the original laptop used by the astronauts in space missions in the early 80s?GRiD Compass 1101