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  1. What device switches to the external monitor?
  2. What is the storage capacity of a DVD?
  3. What are the standards for second generation cell phones?
  4. What device moves the pointer?
  5. What are the benefits of using a solid state drive (SSD)?
  1. a Analog & AMP (advance mobile phone) & NMT (nordic mobile telephone
  2. b TouchPad
  3. c ~Access data faster ~Use of less power
    ~More reliable
  4. d FN
  5. e 8.5 GB

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  1. interrupts & processes instructions
  2. Components can only be used by manufacture
  3. Portable or Handheld Devices
  4. Toggle between monitor/Volume, Display brightness, check battery

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  1. Which option in Windows XP saves documents and applications in RAM?FN


  2. What is wrong if the LCD remains dark while the laptop is open?Switch Broken or Dirty


  3. What controls power management when using ACPI?Operating System


  4. What is the Internet standard for text messaging?SMS (short message service)


  5. Are cell phone standards uniform?
    HINT: use to be Analog
    YES~ digital