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  1. What does the CPU do?
  2. What do laptops used to add functionality to the laptop?
  3. How thick is a Type II PC card?
  4. How thick is a Type III PC card?
  5. What is the standard for fourth generation?
  1. a PC card & Express card slots
  2. b interrupts & processes instructions
  3. c {4G}
    ~increased data rates.
    ~increased data rates, Higher data rates allow users to download files, video and music, & faster
  4. d 5.5
  5. e 10.5

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  1. 1970's
  2. Docking Station & Port Replicator
  3. Portable or Handheld Devices
  4. Switch Broken or Dirty
  5. Attaches AC Power

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  1. What generation of cell phones allows you to send and receive test, photos and videos?Digital & GMS (globe mobile system), iDEN (intergarted digital network,CDMA (code division multiple access)


  2. What device moves the pointer?TouchPad


  3. Are cell phone standards uniform?
    HINT: use to be Analog
    YES~ digital


  4. When do you establish a plan of action?establish a plan of action to resolve the problem & implement the solution.


  5. What battery types are available for laptops?Lithium -Polymer


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