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  1. What are power schemes and power plans?
  2. How should you clean a laptop keyboard?
  3. What are the three types of storage used for data storage?
  4. What are the two low battery warnings?
  5. Where are ports, connections, and drives located on the laptop?
  1. a Front / Back / Side
  2. b Low & Critical
  3. c ~Magnetic ~Optical
  4. d 1-Turn off the laptop.
    2-Disconnect all of the attached devices.
    3-Disconnect the laptop from the electrical outlet.
    4-Remove all of the installed batteries.
    5-Wipe the laptop and the keyboard with a soft, lint-free cloth that is lightly moistened with water or computer-screen cleaner.
  5. e Collection of hardware & system setting

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  1. Portability
  2. ~APM=>Advance Power Management
    ~ACPI=>Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
  3. clean, free of potential contaminants, & temperature and humidity range specified by the manufacturer.
  4. TYPE- I
    TYPE- II
  5. Analog & AMP (advance mobile phone) & NMT (nordic mobile telephone

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  1. What controls power management when using ACPI?Flow of electricity to components


  2. What does the Power Option feature in Windows XP do?Low & Critical


  3. What device turns on the laptopToggle between monitor/Volume, Display brightness, check battery


  4. What is the storage capacity of a BD?25 GB(single) / 50 GB (dual)


  5. What device turns up the volume?Volume Control