Drake Bacteria Infections

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These Are a Few of The Fun Infections Caused By Bacteria in BIO 095

Syphilis (Name)

Treponema Pallidum

Syphilis (Bacteria Info)

Treponemataceae (Gram -)

Syphilis Flagella

Paraplasmic Inside the Membrane

Syphilis (Transmission)

Sex, Congenital, Blood Transfusion, Indirect Contact

Stages of Syphilis (4)

Primary, Secondary, Latent, Tertiary

Primary Syphilis Symptoms

Chancre at Site of Entry, Asymptomatic in Some, Last 2-6 Weeks

Secondary Syphilis Symptoms

1-6 Months, Fever, Rash, Sore Throat, Swollen Lymph Nodes

Secondary Syphilis Complications

Great Imitator Stuff Goes Down

Latent Syphilis Symptoms

30% Go Latent After Secondary Stage, Antibodies Still Manufactured, Non Infectious

Tertiary Syphilis Symptoms

Heart Disease, Neurological Damage, Fatigue, Gummas Ulcers Around Body

Syphilis Treatment

Penicillin Injection NOT Oral (Erythromycin, Tetracycline)

Syphilis (Prevention)

Safe Sex, People in Contact Prophylactic Antibiotics No Vaccine

Leptospirosis (Name)

Leptospira Interrogans

Leptospirosis (Bacteria Info)

Leptospiraceae (Gram -)

Leptospirosis (Live)

Live in the Urinary Tract of Animals Burrow Through Kidneys

Leptospirosis (In U.S.)

Adolescent to Young Adults Field Workers, Sugar Cane, U.S. Combat Troops

Leptospirosis (Transmission)

Usually Through Cut or Abrasion

Leptospirosis (Symptoms (2 Stages))

Leptospiremic: Sudden, Fever/Chills, Headache, Vomiting
Immune: Fever (Lower), Weils Disease (Kidney)

Leptospirosis (Treatment)

Doxycycline, Penicillin, Cephalosporins
Severe: Kidney Dialysis

Leptospirosis (Prevention)

Vaccines, Barrier Clothing, Stay Out of Ponds and Lake By Farms

Lyme Disease (Name)

Borrelia Burgdorferi

Lyme Disease (Bacteria Info)

Spirochaetaceae (Gram -)

Lyme Disease (Surface Protein)


Lyme Disease (Transmission)

From Infected Ticks

Lyme Disease Three Stages

Skin, Blood, Tissue

Lyme Disease Skin Stage

Tick Bites Mix of Blood and Hemolymph

Lyme Disease Skin Stage Symptoms

Tight Neck, General Achiness

Lyme Disease Blood Stage

Inflammatory Arthritis, Nervous Tissue Problems

Lyme Disease Tissue Stage

Fatigue, Chronic Arthritis, Neurological Damage, Vision Impaiment

Lyme Disease (Treatment)

Early: Doxycycline, Amoxicillin
Late: Ceftriaxone,Penicillin

Lyme Disease (Founders)

Moms NOT Doctors Who Talked A Lot

Find A Tick?

Dont Yank, Match Method, Vaseline, Commercial Products


Vaccine That Attacked Human Immune System

Lyme Disease (Prevention)

Cover Skin, Check For Tick, Repellant

Ulcers (Bacteria Info)

Helicobacteraceae (Gram-)

Ulcers (Two Diseases)

Gastritis, Ulcers

Helicobacter (Transmission)

Many Possibilities Via Water, Oral-Oral, Fecal-Oral, Zoonotic

Gastritis (Symptoms)

Inflammation of Stomach
Abdominal Pain, Burning Sensation

Ulcers (Symptoms)

Same As Gastritis, Lesions In Stomach

Helicobacter (Treatment)

Acid Suppressors (PPI, Ranitidine)
Change Diet

Vibrio Cholerae (Bacterial Info)

Vibrionaceae (Gram -)

Cholera (Lives)

Fresh or Brackish Water

Cholera (Major Outbreaks)

1850s London
1880s Chicago

Cholera (London)

Dr. John Snow, Poor Sanitation Mapped First Use in Epidemiology

Cholera (Problem?)

India, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, Sub-Saharan Africa

Cholera (Transmission)

Human Feces or Vomit In Water
Shell Fish

Cholera (Symptoms)

Rice Water Stool
Thirst, Weakness, Tallow, Muscle Cramps


Intoxication no Infection CT Toxin, Alters Ion Balance and Water Movement

Cholera (Symptoms)

Collapse of Circulatory System Death

Cholera (Treatment)

Rehydration Solution, Water Glucose Salts
IV Puts Fluids Right Into Veins

Cholera (Treatment Antibiotics)

Tetracycline, Sulfamethoxazole
Speed Healing, Curb Transmission

Prion (Info)

Host Proteins
Aberrantly Folded

Prion (Name)

Proteinaceous Infectious Particle

Prion Disease

TSE Transmissible Spongiform Encephelopathies

Prion (Replication)

PrPSC Miss Folded Protein
PrPC Correct Fold

Non Human TSE

Not Genetic
Scrapie, CWD, BSE (Mad Cow)

Human TSE (Not Genetic)

Kuru, BSE From Meat (Variant Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease

Human TSE (Genetic)

Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease, GSS Fatal Familial Insomnia

Genetic Gene


Prion (Prevention)

Just Provide Comfort and Deal With Each Differently, Careful What You Eat, Family Counseling

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