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These are the vocabulary terms for Chapter 1 in Mr. Rundquist's class




lines on the globe that stay paralell


lines on a globe that determine distances between east and west

the global grid

a way to find an exact location on a globe

Northern Hemisphere

area of a globe North of the equator

Southern Hemishpers

area of a globe South of the Equator

Eastern Hemisphere

area of a globe East of the Prime Meridian

Western Hemishpere

area of a globe West of the Prime Meridian


a specific location of a place including it's physical setting


an expression of relative location


a particular place with physical and human meaning


three types formal, functional, and perceptual

formal region

The Iron Range, The North Shore, The Twin Cities

functional region

a city and it's surrounding areas

perceptual region

The Heartland of America


a community of plants and animals that are co-dependant


people, goods, and ideas traveling

Human-Enviroment interaction

How people use and change a place

Geographic Information systems

computer programs that organize data and relate it with satilite images

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