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E Asia: East Asian Religion & Philosophies


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Who founded Buddhism?
Siddhartha Gautama
Which other religion shares similar beliefs with Buddhism?
How are Hinduism and Buddhism similar?
They both believe in reincarnation
What are the basic components of the Buddhist religion?
1) Samsara (reincarnation)
2) Nirvana
3) The Four Noble Truths
4) The Eightfold Path
According to Buddhist belief, life is suffering and believers can end personal suffering by doing what?
Eliminating selfish desires
What is the most common type of Buddhist temple in East Asia?
The Pagoda
What are some common forms of worship in the Buddhist religion?
1) Chanting
2) Prayer
3) Meditation
4) Playing instruments
5) Prayer wheels
What collection contains the teachings of Confucius?
The Analects
What are the basic components of Confucianism?
Respect for elders & the Five Principle Relationships
What is the greatest impact Confucianism has had on Chinese society?
It provided an excellent model for Chinese social structure & respect
What book is associated with the teachings of Taoism and who is considered the author of this book?
The Tao Te Ching; Lao Tzu
What are the basic components of Taoism?
To maintain oneness or balance with nature & the universe through maintaining balance of the Yin & Yang
Where is Shinto primarily practiced?
What are the basic components of Shinto?
The acknowledgement & devotion to their ancestors and to spirits who live in nature
What is the connection between religion and philosophy in East Asian culture?
They are intertwined or combined greatly influencing culture & everyday life