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Febrile Neutropenia: Antiviral Prophy & Tx

What is the main viral pathogen that we want to prophylax against?
Which drug to use for HSV prophylaxis?
Acyclovir (A-1)
WHat do we do to patients with upper respiratory symptoms and/or cough?
Perform a respiratory virus testing + CXR
When do you Treat VZV or HSV
Active infxn only- if not, do not tx
How would you prophylax a pt receiving cancer tx?
A yearly influenza vaccine w/ inactivated vaccine
What prophylaxis drug to give a pt with Influenza virus infection?
A neuraminidase Inhibitor
What are examples of Neuraminidase inhibitors?
Should routine tx of RSV be given to neutropenic pts w/ upper respiratory disease?
What are the drugs used for RSV?

What are other considerations
WHen to consider Hematopoietic growth factors?
When are CSFs not recommended?
T/F: consider CSF for ESTABLISHED fever + neutropenia?
T/F: consider CSF for ANTICIPATED fever + neutropenia?
T/F: consider CSF clinically for septic patients?
What are the different organisms that are involved in CLABSI (central line‐associated BSI)
S. Aureus

P. Aeruginosa


How long do you treaT CLASBI associated infection?
Systemic abx for at least 4 days
WHat to do with an CLASBI?
When can you retain a catheter with CLABSI?
For CLABSi caused by coagulase (-) staph w/ or w/o abx lock therapy
How long to tx complicated CLABSI?
Tx: 4-6 weeks
What is considered a complicated CLABSI?
WHat is very important during CVC insertion
WHat are considered Environmental Precautions?
How is performance measured?