Population Quiz


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Scientists who study human population
Birth rate
The number of live births per 1,000 per year
Total number of people living within its borders
Population density
Describes how thickly or thinly an area is settled
Push factors
causes of migration that push people to leave their home country
Pull factors
factors that attract people to a new country
Poor, overcrowded urban neighborhoods
Infant mortality rate
number of infant deaths per 1,000 births
To migrate out of a place
Negative effects of population growth
-Natural resources used up quicker
-More food and water is used up
-Medical equipment used up faster
-Land is used up faster
-More people=more cars=more pollution
Where did early humans migrate from?
Examples of Push and Pull factors
Push-escape poverty, lack of jobs, harsh climate
Pull-Supply of good jobs, climate, family
Over the years, millions of Chinese workers have moved from _______ areas to ______ areas
Problems created by urbanization
Slums, suburban sprawl
Reasons for infant mortality
shortage of clean food and water
lack of medical supplies
How do demographers measure the rate at which a population is growing?
Comparing birth rates and death rates
Reasons people migrate within a country
To find jobs
Process of urbanization across the globe
People move from rural areas to urban areas
Why do many people move from rural areas to urban areas?
To find jobs in factories and other businesses