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The literary form of Genesis 1 ispoetry.The Paschal Mystery refers to:Jesus' life, death, and resurrection"Paschal" comes from a Hebrew word that means:Passover.True or False: Catholics must believe that God created the world in 6 days because that is what the Bible said.FalseTrue or False: Since the Original Sin, humanity is totally corrupt and evil.FalseTrue or False: Bad things that happen in the world are God's fault.FalseTrue or False: The presence of evil is proof that the world is essentially bad.FalseTrue or False: God and people were recording the history when they wrote Genesis 1-3.FalseTrue or False: We learn from Genesis 2, that God gave us his own spirit.TrueTrue or False: In religion, when we understand a "mystery", it means we understand it completely.FalseWhy did God redeem us?-God created the world with order and purpose -Essentially good -We rejected him -The world became broke, it can't be fixed -Therefore, God had to redeem us out of love and to restore us to his original planWhen Adam and Eve sinned, what did God do?God promised to send a savior.The covenant that God made with Noah states that:Never again would God destroy all bodily creatures by a flood.The Torah is comprised of:The first 5 books of the OT.The Arc of the Covenant is:The sacred chest that housed the tablets of the 10 commandments.The Covenants God makes with his people differ from man-made covenants because:God stays faithful to his people."For God so loved the world that he...gave his only son."What happened to the word in John 1:1-14?It became flesh in the person of Jesus.Who was a patriarch of the Israelites nation?Abraham.What was the sign of the covenant that God instituted with Abraham?Circumcision.God appointed judges in the OT because:They needed help dealing with their enemies.Isaiah must have lived how many years before Jesus?720.The new Adam and Eve are:Mary and Jesus.The Greek word that means "anointed":Christ.The title that translates the Hebrew term "Messiah":Christ.The term that indicates that Jesus is the 2nd person of the trinity:Son of God."God saves"JesusTrue or False: We believe that God created the world in 7 days because that's what Genesis 1 teaches.False.True or False: In the OT, following the law was the way to remain faithful to the covenant.True.True or False: God hinted at the Incarnation hundreds of years before Jesus.True.The 2nd person of the Trinity taking on flesh and becoming man:The Incarnation.To make atonement for sin:Expiation.Mary is the mother of God:Theotokos."I will put enmity between you and the women":Protoevangelium.Grace:-God's life -God's help -God's favor -God's loveWhere do we see God taking action for our Redemption?-Through the prophets -At the Incarnation -After Adam and Eve sinned -In the life of MaryWhy did the word of God become flesh?-To give us life abundantly -To serve us -To expiate our sinsHow does the Incarnation fulfill God's promise of Redemption?-We fell in Original Sin -Through the protoevangelium God promised a savior -He established a relationship through the covenants -Jesus fulfills the prophecies and completes the covenantsThe luminous mysteries of the rosary show:How Jesus' birth came about.Jesus' baptism reveals:The mystery of the Trinity.The wedding at Cana begins with the request of:Mary, Jesus' Mother.What is the culmination or goal of God's plan for salvation; it is the reign or rule of God over the hearts of people?The Kingdom of God.The Jewish celebration of the time when God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt is called the:Passover.Christ paid the price to free us from the slavery of sin and bring about our:Redemption.Poverty of heart is something called:Spiritual poverty.To focus strictly on what the law requires without considering the truth the law is intended to promote is to be:Legalistic.Jesus asks that his Father's WILL be done in the Garden of Gethsemane, which is:The Our Father.Parable: There is no place for evil in the Kingdom of God:The healing of the Demonic.Parable: The Kingdom of God is worth more than all we have put together:The parable of the Merchant in search of fine pearls.Parable: We have to become "The right soil" to receive God's Kingdom:The parable of the sower.Parable: God's Kingdom is about love and mercy, not human divisions:The parable of the good Samaritan.True or False: The temptation of Jesus showed us that he sinned soon after his baptism so he could be just like us.False.True or False: Jesus faced three temptations by Satan shortly after he was baptized.True.How does Jesus reveal his saving mission?-Baptism -Parables -Teachings -Miracles -Institution of the EucharistIn all 4 Resurrection narratives, who is among the women who go to Jesus' tomb?Mary Magdalene.Why do the women go to the tomb early in the morning?They want to anoint Jesus' body.How many Gospels contain a Resurrection narrative?Four.One point that the Resurrection stories have in common is:The women go to the tomb before the men.Jesus washes the feet of the Apostles to institute:The eucharist.The shame that is the result of sin often causes us to:Seek comfort in temporary things of the word.Directly encountering and seeing God in the glory of heaven is known as the:Beatific vision.The assembly of Jewish religious leaders is:Sanhedrin.The place where Jesus was crucified is called in Hebrew:Golgatha.The price paid to release a slave:Ransom.Jesus is different from other religious figures because:We can have a relationship with him now.Jesus' Resurrection saves us from:-Feeling unloved -Sin -AddictionsPut in order: Burial in new tomb Trail before the Sanhedrin Washing Disciples feet Crowning of thornsWashing of feet Trial before Sanhedrin Crowning of thorns Burial in new tombTrue or False: If Jesus didn't rise from the dead, then the Christian faith would be worthless.True.True or False: The 11 Apostles were the only ones to encounter the risen Jesus.False.True or False: Jesus' salvation requires us to accept his grace.True.True or False: All sinners share the reason for why Jesus was on the cross.True.Why did Jesus suffer and die? (7)a. So he wouldn't live for ourselves only b. To give us an example of suffering for the good c. To obey the father d. To take upon himself the curse of the law and the Mosaic covenant e. To empty his life out f. To give us his grace g. It allowed Jesus to sympathize with our weaknessThe Resurrected Jesus was recognized in the following ways: (3)a. In the breaking of the bread b. When the disciples were fishing c. He showed them his hands and feet and sideThe risen Jesus who appears to the disciples is:-Physically real -Living in a new, glorified bodyHow long did Jesus remain on earth after his Resurrection?40 days.Jesus' ascension teaches us that:He will return in the same way in Glory.The gift of speaking different languages at Pentecost symbolizes:The unity that God will bring to all people in him.Prayer that engages the mind, emotions, and imagination to focus on a particular truth is:Mediation.At intense experience of the presence and power of God resulting in deeper union with God is:Mysticism.A form of prayer in which one is focused on the presence of God or said to be resting in God is:Contemplation.How did the early Christians react to Jesus' teachings?They devoted themselves to their own opinions about his teachings.Conversion does not require avoiding:Suffering.The kind of love that is willing to give all for the sake of saving someone:Redemptive Love.The Catholic Church's liturgical calendar focuses mostly on:The life of Jesus.The liturgical season that focuses on the Incarnation:Christmas.The liturgical season that focuses on the growth and Jesus' teachings and miracles:Ordinary Time.A change of heart away from sin and towards God:Conversion.The practice of developing a life of self-reflection and self-examination to attend to your spiritual life and your call to holiness:Interiority.Three-day celebration of the Paschal Mystery:Triduum.The Church's official, public, communal prayer that is said multiple times a day:Liturgy of the hours.Annual cycle of religious feasts and seasons:Liturgical year.Participation of the people of God in the work of God:Liturgy.The celebration of the mass:Liturgy.The lifting up of ones heart and mind to God:Prayer.Worshipping God:Adoration.True or False: We will experience two judgements when we die:True.True or False: In the ascension, Jesus' humanity, body and soul, was glorified.True.True or False: The sacraments are simply symbols of God's grace.False.True or False: Jesus prayed.True.Love: (4)-God is love -It is willing to do the good of the other -It is the giving of ourselves for the good of another -10 Commandments and Beatitudes are requirements of loveGreatest Commandment:You shall love your God with all your heart with all your soul, with your entire mind, and with all your strength.Why do we suffer:-Human sinfulness -God allows it so we can learn to love others -God allows us to choose it forever if we wishWhat is the Christian response to suffering:-Offer it as a prayer to God -Offer aid to those who experience it -Avoid it by avoiding sin -Forgive others when they cause our sufferingHow we get grace from the PMthrough the sacraments, prayer, doing good, suffering can be apart of it if we offer it up.Matthew: Mark: Luke: John:Matthew: Kingship Mark: Suffering Luke: Innocence John: Exaltation"One who is sent"Apostles.Directly encountering and seeing God in the glory of Heaven:Beatific Vision."Good news"Evangelists.The study and proper interpretation of the scriptures:Exegesis.In What Gospel: Jesus washes Apostles feet:John.In What Gospel: Jesus' mother and the beloved disciple are at the foot of the cross.John.In What Gospel: "Father forgive them, they know not..."LukeIn What Gospel: Jesus tells the repentant thief that the thief will join Jesus in Heaven.Luke.What is the punishment for blasphemy in the Law of Moses?Death.True or False: God reveals his ultimate power through weakness, suffering, and death.True.When John calls Jesus the "Lamb of God", he is referring to which Jewish celebration?Passover.True or False: Veronica wiping Jesus' face is in all 4 Gospels.False.True or False: Simon of Cyrene is in all 4 Gospels.False.Select all that show that Jesus is the Messiah in an ironic way: -Jesus studied the OT -Jesus being clothed in purple -Jesus being crowned with thorns -Pilate washed his hands-Jesus being clothed in purple -Jesus being crowned with thornsWhy was Jesus condemned by the Sanhedrin?BlasphemyTrue or False: Jesus washes the feet of the apostles as a sign for how we should serve others.True.Which gospel states that soldiers guarded Jesus' tomb?MatthewTrue or False: All four gospels discuss Jesus being arrested, put on trial, being crucified, and laid in a tomb.True.In which gospel is Jesus pierced in the side?John