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The ______________ spirit of investigation led scholars to make important discoveries, fueling the Scientific Revolution.

Isaac Newton

He developed the theory of universal gravitation.


Classic scientific knowledge was passed from the ___________ world to European thinkers.

Scientific Revolution

Greek rationalism, Muslim and Jewish scholarship, and humanism all contributed to the ___________ ______________.


Global exploration stirred ________'s desire to learn more about the world.


During the Scientific Revolution, scholars __________ the accepted views of the world.


Unlike Ptolemy, Nicolas Copernicus knew the planets revolved around the _______.


He knew that the planet's orbits were elliptical (oval), not circular.


It measures air pressure.


It measures temperature.


Leeuwenhoek was able to discover bacteria, thanks to Janssen's invention of the __________.


He used reason to problem-solve.


As people began to believe that they could think for themselves, the power of the __________ decreased.


Scientific rationalism even affected political thought by causing people to look at alternative forms of _____________.


He used experimentation to discover knowledge and to problem-solve.


He believed faith and reason could exist in harmony.

Galileo and Newton

Observation and experimentation became the basis of scientific thought after the work of ________ & _________.

Scientific method

Observe, test, analyze, conclude are all steps in the ___________ _____________.

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