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Soccer Vocabulary

These are soccer terms that you all should know by the end of our soccer unit.

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Usually the forward most players on the field; responsible for offense and scoring
These players are between the forwards and fullbacks; responsible for supporting the forwards, creating offense, and being the first line of defense in front of the fullbacks.
These players are responsible for defending the other teams offensive players, protecting their goal, and supporting their midfielders offensively.
Responsible for protecting their teams goal; the only player allowed to use their hands to touch the ball.
moving the ball by using different parts of the foot
This is a violation when an offensive player is played a ball when there aren't two defenders between that player and the goal. The defending team is rewarded an indirect free kick from the spot of the infringement.
Out of Bounds
When a ball is completely outside the boundaries of the field; crossing over the sideline (touch line) or the goal line (bi line)
Corner Kick
Restart of play rewarded to the offensive team when a ball goes out of bounds beyond the goal line and last touched by a defensive player.
Goal Kick
Restart of play rewarded to the defensive team when a ball goes out of bounds beyond the goal line and last touched by an offensive player.
Throw In
Restart of play rewarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball when it crossed the side line.
Protective device required by FIFA to provide a degree of protection to the shins; plastic, rubber or other material completely covered by the socks.
A way of starting/restarting play at the start of the match, second half, extra time or after a goal has been scored.
Direct Kick
A free kick awarded to a team when another team commits violations deemed as careless, reckless, or using excessive force by the referee. Taken from the spot of the violation and can be kicked directly into the goal.
Indirect Kick
A free kick awarded to a team when another team commits a violation; the ball cannot be kicked directly into the goal, must be touched by another player.
Yellow Card
A caution shown for unsporting for dangerous or unsportsmanlike behavior.
Red Card
Sending-off violation for serious fouls, violent conduct, spitting, verbal abuse, dissent, denying the opposing team an obvious goal-scoring opportunity, accumulation of 2 yellow cards.
Penalty Kick
Awarded against a team that commits an offence for which a direct kick is awarded, inside its own penalty area. Placed on the penalty spot 12 yards in front of the goal.
Using the head to advance/deflect the ball
The attempt/successful attempt of taking the ball away from another player by kicking or stopping the ball with their feet.
Using the foot to advance the ball to a teammate; used to advance towards the opposing teams goal or keep the ball away from opponents.
Federation Internationale de Football Association. The official governing body of international soccer since 1904, established the World Cup.
a move by a player with the ball meant to deceive an opposing player
a violation of the rules rewarded by a free kick.
Free Kick
A kick awarded to a player for a foul committed by the opposing team
Formation that has 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 forwards
Formation that has 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 3 forwards
a ball that crosses the end line in between the two goalposts for which a point is awarded; the 8 foot high by 24 foot wide structure which goals are scored
a ball kicked/headed at the opponent's net in an attempt to score a goal.
World Cup
International soccer competition held by FIFA every 4 years between the 32 qualifying nations; the most watched event in the world.