40 terms

Ch 22: Lab Prac 3a: Pt 1 Resp MODELS

pharyngeal tonsil (adenoid)
nasopharynx (opening to eustachian tube)
What is the superior yellow area called?
oropharynx (think: where the OOOpenings are)
What is the middle, blue region called?
What is the inferior, dark orange area called?
thyroid cartilage (larynx)
What is at black arrow?
What is big tube at yellow arrow?
frontal sinus
nasal cavity
What is whole area between pointers?
superior concha (turbinate)
What is at blue arrow?
inferior concha (turbinate)
What is the whole structure the pointer is on?
middle meatus
What is at middle blue arrow? (groove)
mucous membrane
What thin structure lines (covers) the area between the pointers?
internal nares (choanae)
What is area at yellow arrows? (the two openings that the nasal cavity 'communicates' with the pharynx
Name the tube
secondary bronchi
What are colored structures?
What is name of whole structure between fingers?
glottis (the vocal folds AND the space between them i.e. the rima glottidis)
What is everything within the yellow oval? (includes the brown structures AND the hole)
thyrohyoid membrane (really a ligament)
cricothyroid ligament
cricotracheal ligament
What is red arrow on?
corniculate cartilage
what are pointy structures probes are on?
rima glottidis
What is at the red arrow?
true vocal cords (vocal folds)
left lung, oblique fissure
Is this the right or left lung? AND what is the diagonal line?
middle lobe (of right lung)
What is the name of this area?
horizontal fissure (of right lung)
What is the name for this line?
superior lobe (of left lung)
What area is pointer on?
cardiac notch (of left lung)
What is name of dent pointer is in?
bifurcation of trachea
What is this area called where the tube first branches?
____ of ____ (tissue)
mediastinal (medial) surface
What are these areas called?
What are the individual, white, bubble-like structures?
apex (of the lungs)
What is this region of the lungs called?
tertiary segmental bronchi
cuneiform cartilage
What is this?
alveolar duct
terminal bronchioles
What are the second smallest bronchioles called?
What do the tertiary segmental bronchi lead into?
What are the largest bronchioles called?
alveolar sacs
What do alveolar ducts lead into?