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What does assertive communication start with.

"I need"

How does the nurse manager demonstrate communication?

act as a liason between clients and others
engage in conflict resolution as needed with staff

How does the nurse manager demonstrate orgnaization?

plan overall strategies to address client problems
review management outcomes

How does the nurse manager demonstrate delegation?

identify roles/responsibilities of health care team members.

How does the nurse manager demonstrate supervision?

supervise care by provided by others.

How does the nurse manager demonstrate critical thinking

serve as resource person to other staff

What are the classic leadership styles


What cannot be delegated to a UAP?

anything that requires the nursing process
invasive or sterile procedures

What are high priorities when assigning patients to rooms?

Safety and infection

By what authority may RNs delegate nursing care to others?

State Nursing Practice Act

A UAP may perform care that falls within which component of the nursing process?


Which type of communication skills is necessary to implement a democratic leadership style?

Assertive communication skills

What are the five rights of delegation?

Right task, right circumstance, right person, right direction, right supervision

What are the essential steps of effective supervision?

Direction, evaluation, and follow-up

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