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space around chondrocytes

interstitial growth

growth from within the tissue

appositional growth

growth from the outside of the tissue


actively growing cartilage

fibrous layer

outer layer fibrous CT of perichondrium containing BVs

chondrogenic layer

cell of fibrous layer that are differentiated into chondroblasts and secreting ECM

territorial or capsular matrix

immediately around cartilage cells , darker staining

interterritorial matrix

between cells, lighter staining do to lower sulfur content


adherence of cell membrane to ECM


calcium binding in the ECM


large round cells


large round cells with densely packed collagen type I fibers

annulus fibrosis

fibrocartilage intervertebral discs

nucleus pulposis

gelatinous matrix intervertebral discs

herniated disc

caused by the extrusion of nucleus pulposis


functional description of a joint, immovable joint, ie suture between occipital and parietal bones


functional description of a joint, slightly movable joint, ie intervertebral joints


functional descritption of a joint, freely movable joint, most common, ie elbow, ankle


structural classification of a joint, fibrous tissue between bones of skull


structural classification of a joint, fibrous tissue where bones are untied by dense fibrous tissue


structural classification of a joint, fibrous holding teeth in sockets


structural classification of a joint, cartilagenous tissue including hyalin cartilage, epiphyseal plates, costal cart.


structural classification of a joint, cartilagenous fibrocartilage, pubic symphysis, intervertebral disc,


degenerative arthritis, affects synovial joints, most common, non-inflammatory

rheumatoid arthritis

inflammatory, inflamation of synovial membrane, synovial membrane thickens and fluid secrection increases, pannus of tissue forms across cartilage

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