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  1. Extracellular survival signals
  2. Inviability
  3. Its own proliferation or decrease its death
  4. Telomerase
  5. 1. Carcinoma
    2. Sarcoma
    3. Leukemia/lymphoma
  1. a What are three examples of malignant Cancers?
  2. b The rate of mutation is balanced against death, since an excessive mutation rate would lead to what?
  3. c In each step, a cell accumulates a mutation that acts to enhance what?
  4. d Replicative cell senescence is controlled by what, an enzyme required for the maintenance of the repeative ends of
  5. e A small number of micrometastases are able to grow in the new environment, with its absence of what?

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  1. What a carcinogen that causes latent genetic damage, damage that sets the stage for an increased incidence of cancer if exposed to additional cancer inducing agents at a later time?
  2. What are agents known to cause cancer?
  3. If humans lived long enough, would mutations accumulate to the extent that all individuals will acquire cancerous cells?
  4. Tumor promoters are chemical agents which by themselves are not mutagenic but have been shown to induce cancer by activating what?
  5. Most proliferating cells are deficient in telomerase activity. What happens to the telomere ends with each DNA replication cycle?

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  1. Initial genetic mutation(s) introduced by chemical exposureIt is the accumulation of mutations over time, in addition to what, are necessary to induce cancerous cells?


  2. The invasion of tumor cells into other tissueWhat is the defining property of metastasis?


  3. Pro-angiogenic factorsWhat kind of tumors give rise to metastases making the cancer difficult to eliminate?


  4. CarcinogenesisWhat is a malignant cancer arising from epithelial cells?


  5. It binds guanine residues in DNA. It generates DNA adductsCytochrome P450 converts toxins into what?