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  1. Inviability
  2. Single mutation
  3. Excess food consumption, which leads to obesity
  4. Physically removing them (surgery)
  5. Epithelial based cancers (carcinomas)
  1. a Cancer is clonal in nature but cancer does not arise from what?
  2. b The rate of mutation is balanced against death, since an excessive mutation rate would lead to what?
  3. c As long as the undifferentiated and actively dividing cells are confined to the epithelial side of the basal lamina, how can this condition be cured?
  4. d What are the most prevalent cancers?
  5. e Besides tobacco use, what else increases the risk of cancer?

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  1. How does cancer begin?
  2. The inherent limitations on the accuracy of DNA replication and repair will generate what?
  3. Cells that have been primed by treatment with a known chemical carcinogen (i.e. a tumor initiator) can be induced to form what? By activating cell proliferation through the use of what?
  4. Hypoxia triggers expression of what?
  5. What a carcinogen that causes latent genetic damage, damage that sets the stage for an increased incidence of cancer if exposed to additional cancer inducing agents at a later time?

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  1. Malignant tumorsWhat kind of tumors give rise to metastases making the cancer difficult to eliminate?


  2. They become damaging only after they have been modified by cytochrome P-450 enzyme found in the liver
    Why is panel C considered a high-grade neoplasia?


  3. Extracellular survival signalsA small number of micrometastases are able to grow in the new environment, with its absence of what?


  4. MutagenesisWhat are cancer cells that have broken from the original mass to form secondary tumors at other sites?


  5. The basal lamina and endothelial lining of the vesselWhat is the defining property of metastasis?


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