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  1. Micrometasis
  2. Cells rest, grow, divide, differentiate and die as needed for the good of the organism
  3. Permanent cell-cycle arrest
  4. Oxygen becomes limiting and hypoxia kicks in
  5. Increased cell proliferation increasing the probability of tumor progression.
  1. a What do healthy cells do for the good of the organism?
  2. b What are cells that are able to escape the vessel and grow to form a small clump of cells?
  3. c Tumor promoters induce a inflammatory response which results in what? Increasing the probability of what?
  4. d Shortening of telemeres ends with each cell division ultimately leads to what?
  5. e When a tumor reaches a certain size, what becomes limited? What kicks in?

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  1. A small number of micrometastases are able to grow in the new environment, with its absence of what?
  2. The inactivated gene products normally protect against tumor progression, therefore their loss promotes what?
  3. What is an invasive tumor; cancer?
  4. The high rate of mutagenesis may be due to what?
  5. How does cancer begin?

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  1. Flat and differentiated keratin rich cells which are lost when they reach the surfaceThe outer layer of the epithelium in the cervix is composed of what?


  2. The connective tissue layerThe layer underneath the basal layer of the cervix is what?


  3. CarcinogensWhat are agents known to cause cancer?


  4. Replicative cell senescenceWhat kind of cells are able to escape the limitations placed on cell proliferation?


  5. Mutations that inactivate cell cycle checkpointsContinued cell division with unrepaired and/or missegregated DNA is due to the acquisition of what? That inactivate what?