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  1. Vouchsafe
  2. Transgress
  3. Ardent
  4. Fealty
  5. Conciliating
  1. a To Allow Or Permit, As By Favor
  2. b To Go Beyond
  3. c The Loyalty That Citizens Owe To Their Country
  4. d Calming, Satisfying
  5. e Displaying Or Characterized By Strong Enthusiasm Or Devotion

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  1. Hardened Against Good Morals
  2. To Make Better
  3. Spacious; Roomy
  4. Outrageously Disgraceful Or Shameful
  5. Making A Short Excursion

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  1. PropitiousInclined To Lustfulness; Wanton; Lewd


  2. SuppliantPowerful; Mighty; Potent


  3. AmmiralAn Obsolete Form Of Admiral


  4. UnctousExcessively Smooth, Suave Or Smug; Oily


  5. AbyssAn Immeasurable Profound Depth Or Void