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  1. Ignominy
  2. Bituminous
  3. Fealty
  4. Rankling
  5. Asperse
  1. a Relating To Or Containing Coal
  2. b To Charge Falsely Or With Malicious Intent
  3. c The Loyalty That Citizens Owe To Their Country
  4. d Dishonor;Infamy
  5. e Thing That Causes Irritation Or Anger

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  1. Source Of Wise Counsel Or Prophetic Opinions
  2. A Fit, Attack, Or Sudden Increase Of Symptoms
  3. Required For A Purpose
  4. Ardent; Usually Sensuous; Longing
  5. Bitter, Rankling Resentment Or Ill Will

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  1. PreceptorA Rectangular Column


  2. PilasterConfusion; Turmoil


  3. DelugeOverrun With Water


  4. VerdantShowing Deep Feeling


  5. CarbuncleForcible Seizure Of Another's Property