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  1. Concupiscence
  2. Satiate
  3. Penal
  4. Ensign
  5. Transgress
  1. a To Go Beyond
  2. b Subject To Or Incurring Punishment
  3. c To Satisfy To The Full
  4. d A Sign, Token, Or Emblem
  5. e Ardent; Usually Sensuous; Longing

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  1. Forcible Seizure Of Another's Property
  2. To Take Or Claim Without Right
  3. Particular; Oversensitive
  4. Making A Short Excursion
  5. An Obsolete Form Of Admiral

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  1. IncipientBeginning To Exist Or Appear


  2. ImpetuousImpulsive


  3. RoodA Cross As Used In Crucifixion


  4. RancorBitter, Rankling Resentment Or Ill Will


  5. FilialAn Obsolete Form Of Admiral


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