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  1. Rankling
  2. Venial
  3. Predilection
  4. Perfidious
  5. Penal
  1. a Thing That Causes Irritation Or Anger
  2. b Deliberate Faithless; Treacherous; Deceitful
  3. c Preference
  4. d Easily Excused Or Forgiven
  5. e Subject To Or Incurring Punishment

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  1. Excessively Smooth, Suave Or Smug; Oily
  2. Notwithstanding; In Spite Of
  3. The Loyalty That Citizens Owe To Their Country
  4. Authoritative Order
  5. Flowing Smoothly Or Abundantly Forth

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  1. InsensibleRelentless


  2. InuringBecoming Accustomed To Line Or Feature of The Face


  3. RecapitulationPreference


  4. JauntingThing That Causes Irritation Or Anger


  5. EmpyrealAn Obsolete Form Of Admiral