16 terms

pharm test ch 3 ch 57

hypothalamus leads to thyrotropin releasing hormone leads to pituitary leads to thyroid stimulating hormone leads to thyroid gland
thyroid stimulating hormone stimulates thyroid to grow and take up more iodide leading to iodide oxidized to iodine by What
PEROXIDASE leading to formation of t3 and t4
what does hormone t3 do?
active and more potent than t4
what does t4 do?
t4 converted to t3 in many tissue. Most produced. supplier of t3.
what is the negative feedback loop involving t4 and t3
rising t4 and t3 and suppressing thyroid stimulating hormone to balance them
If a patient has a hypothyroid state and an iodine deficiency- will tsh increase or decrease?
tsh will increase leading to goiter
what is the adult presentation of a patient with hypothyroidism?
1. skin- cold and dry
2. hair- brittle and possible alopecia
3. cardiac- bradycardia
4. body temperature- lowered- cold intolerance
5. psyche- depression, lethargy, altered mental state
6. metabolism- decreased, unexplained weight gain
If a woman is pregnant- why is it vital that she takes her thyroid supplements?
vital for fetal growth development. dose increases 30-50%
what results in an infant affected by hypothyroidism?
short dwarf like stature, potbelly, cretinism???
what is the adult presentation of a patient with hyperthyroidism?
1. skin- sweaty, warm
2. cardiac- tachycardia, arrhythmias
3. cns excitation- insomnia, rapid speech, increased energy
4. skeletal muscle system- weakened
5. metabolism- increases, lose weight
6. thermoregulation- heat intolerant
7. exophthalmos (eyeball protrusion)
what is a disease that is caused from hyperthyroidism?
what is the most sensitive screen test to detect hypothyroid disease?
thyroid stimulating hormone
what is the drug levothyroxine [t4] (synthroid) used for?
how does the drug levothyroxine [t4] (synthroid) work kinetically?
t4 turns into t3, t3 long halflife 7days- takes month to achieve steady state (4 halflives)
what is the drug propylthiouracil for hyperthryoidisms moa?
blocks thyroid hormone synthesis by preventing oxidation of iodide by peroxidase
what is an adverse effect of propylthiouracil?
need to monitor cbc for drop in wbc esp neutrophils