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1.) Extroversion - how outgoing, talkative, sociable, and assertive
a.) Robert likes to talk and is a very good and outgoing public speaker for example
2.) Agreeableness - how trusting, good-natured, cooperative, and soft-hearted
a.) Everyone got their work done on time and no one gave any reason for any member of the group to not trust them
3.) Conscientiousness - how dependable, responsible, achievement-oriented and persistent
a.) Each member was well focused on their tasks and wanted to make sure each of their parts was done on time and to the best of their ability
4.) Emotional Stability - how relaxed, secure, and unworried
a.) Everyone was hurried and worried that the project wouldn't be finished on time
b.) This was the most difficult for us because this is a huge project that counts not only as a large percentage of our grade but will be used by the YWCA and implemented in the Spring, so there was huge responsibility we had to get this thing done and perfected before the end of the semester
5.) Openness to Experience - how intellectual, imaginative, curious, and broadminded
a.) We challenged each other's ideas to make sure that we considered all of the alternatives and that we come up with good ideas that others may not be able to think of so easily.
- Conscientiousness is most related to job performance the most because it depends on how much you can be trusted and dependable to others and how focused you are on achieving the goals you set.
- Extroversion is also related to job performance seeing that assertive yourself and being talkative and active creates a larger impact on job performance than being soft-hearted and soft-spoken