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pharm t3 ch 71

Hypothalamus leads to corticotropin releasing hormone leads to anterior pituitary leads to adrenocorticotropic hormone leads to adrenal cortex leads to cortisol
corticosteroids metabolically are catobolic in nature and they will do what to blood sugar? what will they do to protein synthesis? They stimulate what?
they will elevate blood sugar and suppress protein synthesis. Stimulate lipolysis and cause fat redistribution.
corticosteroids adrenal glands produce large amounts of
explain water and electrolytes r/t corticosteroid
insufficient amounts cortisol/will die without. causes na/h20 retention and k wasting.
corticosteroids matures what system in neonates
the respiratory system
what are therapeutic uses of corticosteroids?
rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, bowels, allergies,ASTHMA, dermatologic, cancers, preterm labor
adverse effects r/t corticosteroids
adrenal insufficiency, glucose intolerance- elevates blood sugar and unmasks diabetes, psychosis involving hallucinations/moodiness/insomnia, peptic ulcer disease especially in combination with nsaids
what is important involving adrena suppresion r/t stress and glucocorticoid withdrawal-
cannot stop abrutly must taper off****