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  1. Can bacteria penetrate the mucosal epithelium and attack other organs
  2. Non inflammatory diarrheoa characterised by
  3. What types of gropus are considered high risk
  4. Most common sources
  5. Acute diarrhoea is characterused by
  1. a no leucocytes in stools
    rarely blood in stools
    raely mucus in stools
    greatly increased watery stools
    no one to slight abdo pain (effects small intestine)
    +/- fever
  2. b liquefied stools
  3. c water and food
  4. d yes
  5. e elderly, neonates and travellers to high risk zones

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  1. Microbial type
    immuno status of the host
  2. severe, chronic and require therapy
  3. small intestine and colon
  4. diarrhoea
  5. Leucocytes in stools
    Blood in stools
    mucus in stools
    severe abdo pain in lower left quadrant (effects colon)
    +/- fever

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  1. Viral GITMD common to AustraliaRotavirus, Noravirus


  2. Diarrheoa symptoms are usuallyself resolving in immunocompetant individuals and antibiotics are normally contraindicated


  3. Fungal GITMD common to AustraliaRotavirus, Noravirus


  4. Diarrhoea symptoms can be classed asnon inflammatory or inflammatory


  5. GITMD effectscharacterised by blood, mucus and pus in stool.


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