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How should hobbles be applied to limit movement?

Either to the front two legs or the rear legs. Never to a front/rear leg

This physical restraint consists of a loop of chain attached to a wooden pole. The chain portion is place over and tightened around the animal's nose. In horses this causes an endorphin release producing mild sedation/euphoria (bullshit!!).

Chain twitch

What are nippers used for

Used to trim hoof claws

What is a common equine chemical restraint that produces sedation and analgesia?

Xylazine (can be used with ketamine). Acepromazine also produces calming effect

What is a "tail twist" used for in a bovine

Used to make an uncooperative animal to move

What is a "tail jack" used for in a bovine

Used to prevent a bovine from kicking

What is half hitch casting used for in a bovine

Casting is a method using rope to gently bring cattle to a lying down position. It is good for immobilization and restraint.

Can Xylazine be used as a chemical restraint on a bovine

Yes, but extreme care must be used with regards to dosage (only 1/10th the dose of horses)

This porcine physical restraint consists of a snare attached to a wooden handle and is used to grasp the porcine by encircling the upper jaw, behind the tusks/canines, and tightening the loop

Hog Holder/hog snare

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