IB Biology Fall Exam

The bonding of two amino acid molecules to form a larger molecule?
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What is the point in any solution where the number of molecules passing into a cell are equal to the number of the molecules passing out of the cell?IsotonicThe portion of the molecule in box F is known as?CarboxylAll of the following are processes that take up material into cells except what?ExocytosisHow do animals use cholesterol?Politely of the cell membraneWhat is a fat?A lipid made up of three fatty acid is in glyceryl.Which structure is most directly responsible for maintaining homeostasis in a cell?Cell membraneWhat is this? ( molecule in a box)Carboxyl groupThe interior of a phospholipid bilayer is?HydrophobicWhen a concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same the molecules will?Move across the membrane in both directionsWhat is needed in photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into organic molecules?ATP and hydrogen from the splitting of water oxygen is released to the air (cellular respiration)A compound that is classified as organic must contain what?CarbonWhen chlorophyll gives off two electrons p680 the chlorophyll is set to be?OxidizedPicture of plasma membrane?Need to identify protein and phospholipidWater passes quickly through a membrane because?It moves through aqua porins in the membraneWhich structure includes alpha helix and beta sheets?Secondary (amino acid structure)What type of bond joins amino acids? (molecule bond)Peptide bondIdentify that group? (another molecule and they circle the group)Amino groupThe main function of the cell wall is to what?Support and protect the cellHow is the proton gradient generated and chloroplast during photosynthesis?The flow of the electrons from the hydrogens are in the thylakoid space.Which solution will cause an animal cell to gain water inversed?HyboWhat is facilitated diffusion?Passive movement of a particle using a chain of proteins.What do diffusion and osmosis have in common?Both passive transport mechanismsWhich of the following is required for osmosis to occur?A solute concentration gradientDo you reaction center of photosystem one is known as p700 because?The pigment is best absorbing light within a wavelength of 700 nanometers.Which of the following is needed by the plant to run the Calvin cycle?ATP, NADPH, Carbon dioxideWhat is produced by the light-dependent reactions?NADPH and ATPWhich of pair of futures is correct for plants and prokaryotic cells?Plant cells contain DNA he associated with protein and prokaryotic cells have naked DNA.Which process requires cells to expend energy?Active transportIn addition to chlorophyll, what other pigments are used to capture light energy in photosynthesis?Antenna pigment (accessory pigments)In acidic solution should have a pH of?3 (or smallest # of answer choice)The mass number of an element can be approximated by what?Protons and neutronsThe cell membrane contains channels and pumps that will help move materials from one side to another. What are these channels and pumps made of?Channel proteinsWhich of the following is the the most randomized sort of energy?Thermal energyWhich of the following factors influence the rate of oxygen?Temperature and wavelengthWater molecules are polar because?Because oxygen is slightly negative and hydrogen is slightly positive.All of the following statements are true about stem cells except?Stem cells DNA lack introns