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Water Soluble Vitamins

vitamins descriptions & deficiencies
Thiamin (B1) function
-water- souble vitamin
- involved in glycolysis of carbs
- metabolism of lipids
Thiamin deficiencies in humans
-Ber Ber (numbness of extermities)
- weakness, systemic acidoses, edema
Thiamin deficiency in chicken & cattle
"Star-gazing" - retracted typically to the right side
Antagonist of thiamin
high Sulfur, thiaminases (enzyme)
-thiaminases are found in insectacides & poor quality fish meal
Riboflavin function
-metabolism of CHO, lipids, proteins used for energy
Ribofalvin deficiencies
Birds: "curled toe paralysis"
-dermal & other skin disorders
- conjuctivitis & blindness
What do doctors use to treat malaria?
Riboflavin defienciency
Niacin 4 "D" 's
1. dermatitis
2. diaherrea
3. dementia
4. death
Niacin deficiencies in humans & dogs
humans: Pellegra (swelling & tissue lose of the tongue) & dementia
dogs: black tongue
Pantathenic Acid function
-water souble vitamin
- part of the coenzyme A
- fat metabolism
Pantathenic Acid defiencies
-specific dermatitis (corners of mouth, at joints)
-premature graying of dark hair
-fatty liver disease
- slow growth & goose stepping
Pyridozine function
- water solutble vitamin
-A.A. metabolism
- Red blood cell formation
- growth hormone synthesis
Pyridozine defiencies
-poor growth
- convulsions
-insulin sensitivity
Pyridozine sources
Plants: Pyridoxol (most stable 80%)
Animals: Pyridoxal (less than 10%)
Folic Acid function
-coenzyme involved in "single carbon metabolism"
Folic Acid defiencies
-anemia (non distingusable from B12)
-kidney problems
- death from neurological problems
Choline function
- be made in adequate amonts when high protein diets are fed
- has no coenyme function
-fat metabolism
- transmission of nerve impulses
Choline deficiencies
- nervous issues
- fatty liver disease in all species
- dermatitis
Vitamin C "Citric Acid" function
- many enzyme complex
- specifically with enzymes involving collagen, elastin syn.
Vitamin C deficiencies & issues
- general muscle weakness
- dermatitis
- high citric acid will create renal stones
- high vitamin C lowers phagocyte activity