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What name is given to the process seen in this animation? (Activity: How Plants Obtain Minerals from Soil)

cation exchange

The release of CO2 into the soil results in the formation of _____.

hydrogen ions and carbonate ions

What process is the source of the CO2 that root hairs release into the soil?


The binding of H- ions to soil particles _____

displaces mineral cations

Which of these ions is most likely to be leached from the soil?

chlorine ions

Acid precipitation _____.

decreases soil fertility

How do cations enter root hairs?


Assimilation is indicated by the letter(s) _____.


Nitrogen-fixing bacteria is(are) indicated by the letter(s) _____.

D and E

Nitrification is indicated by the letter(s) _____.


Denitrifying bacteria convert _____ to _____.

nitrates ... nitrogen gas

Nitrifying bacteria convert _____ to _____.

ammonium ... nitrites

_____ removes nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Nitrogen fixation

Which one of these is a nitrate?


Which one of these is a nitrite?


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