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Abe Ease Seize Supports

ABC Sports

Abe Odd Hull Luck Oak

A bottle of Coke

Abe you team arc

A beauty mark

Ace Lip Puff That Hung

A slip of the tongue

Ace Tray Taste Who Dent

A straight A student

Aid Are Crank Loud

A dark rain cloud

Aid Hay Huff Ache Asian

A day of vacation

Aid Ride Hyper

A dry diaper

Ale Of Huff Air

A Love affair

Amos Ooze

A Masseusse

Annex Tin Chunk Hoard

An Extension Cord

Annie Leg Ditto Fish Hull

An elected official

Ape Arrows Uncle As His

A pair of sunglasses

Ask Rude Arrive Her

A Screwdriver

Bat Tree Snot Ink Looted

Batteries not included

Bay beak hot bach

Baby got back

Bowl Egg Head

Bow legged

Canoe key Pace He Grit

Can you keep a secret?

Canoe Key Pass Egret

Can you keep a secret?

Chick He Tub An An Us

Chiquita Bananas

Cohen Peas

Go in peace

Cry Cub Hook

Crack a book

Date Roy Pea Stuns

Detroit Pistons

Dawn dude rugs

Don't do drugs

Day Leofur Rings

Daily Offerings

Deep Rinse Soft Ides

The Prince of Tides

Delete Elmer Made

The little mermaid

Dew Wino Hue

Do I know you?

Dew Ache Who Gulls Urge

Do a Google search

Dish Hippie Slaw Stats He

The ship is lost at sea

Dock Door Rat Kin Sty Hit

Dr. Atkins diet

Double Use He Fee Yields

W.C. Fields

Duet Tomb He Juan Mort I'm

Do It To Me One More Time

Ease Owner Whole

He's on a roll

Egg Aim Much Egg Curse

A game of checkers

Eight He Muff Forces

A team of horses

Eight Weeds Hoot

a tweed suit

Europe Art Tough Fit

You're a part of it

Europe Lay Sore Mine?

Your place or mine?

Europe Ray Tear Owe

You're a prayer away

Eye Mad Alas

I met a lass

Eye Mull of Mush Sheen

I'm a love machine

Eye Needle Ax Eight If

I need a laxative

Fee Limber Raven Huff Toot Rye

Feel I'm brave enough to try

Feet Verb List Her

Fever Blister

Freeze Age Ha! Leak Hood Fell Owe

For he's a jolly good fellow

Fur Chin Ollie Foil

Virgin Olive Oil

Grey ties hats course

Greatest Scores

Hiawatha dean edge van pyre

I was a teenage vampire

Hide Hen Tickled Wins

Identical Twins

High hose hill fray weigh

Hi Ho Silver, away!

hint a few width diva umpire

Interview with a vampire

Hit Sewn Leap Uphill Of

It's only puppy love

Hit Spin Could Form He

It's been good for me

Hit Stop Add

It's too bad

Hive kotter bran nookie

I've got a brand new key

Hoe Pin-Up Hits Depot Lease

Open Up! It's The Police

Hype People Earth Duh Hey

Happy Birthday

Ice Mail Ask Hunk

I smell a skunk

Ike Otcha

I gotcha

Isle Of View

I love you

It Chief Heat

Itchy feet



Jog Clay Die Scream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Kitten Scene Gulf Aisle

Get in single file

Know Ozark

Noah's Ark

Koala Deep Rod Ducks

Quality Products

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

little Red Riding Hood

Law Duff There Inks

Lord of the Rings

Lie Turf Lou Hid

Lighter Fluid

Lit Tell It All Lee

Little Italy

Loaf Meat Hender

Love me Tender

Mare Eek Ate Danish Lee Hole Sin

Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen

Mayor Itch Maiden Evan

Marriage made in heaven

Mine Her Infer Auction

Minor infraction

Moe's Art


Mower Thin Nuke Inch Who

More than you can chew

My Kojak Sun

Michael Jackson

Nose Hole Is Sitting

No Soliciting

Noose Raid He Owe

News Radio

Ooze Kid Sing Sand Tough Claws

Who's Kissing Santa Claus

Pe Psim Aks

Pepsi Max

Pea Sank White

Peace and Quiet

Pie Rate Softy Care Hip Been

Pirates of the Carribean

Pier Steers

Pierced ears

Plea stake arrow fit

Please take her off it

Rib Uncut Inks Harem Owe Knee

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Rim Him Birth Owl Limo

Remember The Alamo

Sand Tack Laws

Santa Claus

Sex Yule Hair Is Mint

Sexual harrasment

Space You'll Limp Picks

Special Olympics

These If Hill Wore

The Civil War

Thesis Pine Alt Hap

This is Spinal Tap

Thick awe loved hoot he

The call of duty

Thick Hull Foam Heck Sicko

The Gulf of MeXico

Thigh Sing Gone Thick Ache

The Icing on The Cake

Tis Coal Eighty

Disco Lady

Up Hair Hush Ooze

A Pair Of Shoes

Up He Such Ease

A piece of cheese

Up Hound Hug Round Round

A pound Of Ground Round

Uppers Enough Heist Hand Herds

A person of high standards

Us Her Fair

A surveyor

Watch Choo Ear Nut Washer Tse

What You Hear Not What You Say

Weaker Tool Hater

Week or two later

We Shy Worth Hare

Wish I was there

Weeg lib his neigh sours

Weekly business hours

Went Hurl Hymn Pick Aims

Winter Olympic Games

Wheel Yum Air Ream He

Will You Marry Me

Whole League How

Holy cow

Wide Own Twig Hose Women

Why Don't We Go Swimming

Will Saw Rim Ocean

Wheels are in motion

William Harem He

Will You Marry Me

Wine Grit Ski

Wayne Gretzky

Wok Lie Canny Chip Shun

Walk like an Egyptian

Woodchuck Air Ford Us Hurt

Would you care for dessert?

Yell Hope Hey Jess

Yellow Pages

Yore Luke Ink Hood

You're looking good

Aim Meek Rant

Amy Grant

Elf Habits Hoop

Alphabet Soup

Ape Haul Oath Hurt Dean

Apollo Thirteen

Condo Leaser Ice

Condoleezza Rice

Dawned Hutch Debt Aisle

Don't Touch That Dial

Day Fed Peck Calm

David Beckham

Day Fit Gas City

David Cassidy

Tote Hall Reek Hall

Total Recall

Zola Reek Lips

Solar Eclipse

My Cull Chore Den

Michael Jordan

Sell Your Laugh Hone

Cellular Phone

Made Divorce Pea Whiff Ewe

May The Force Be With You

Jar Lease Ain't Gels

Charlie's Angels

Four Ghetto Fur

Fork It Over

Curls Con Why Held

Girls Gone Wild

Eggs Hearse Sized Hay Lee

Exercise Daily

Ease Sat Theme Hark It

He's At The Market

Kenya Ear Mean How

Can You Hear Me Now?

Key Furs Other Lend

Kiefer Sutherland

Oak And A Duh

O Canada

Bet Turf Oar Kit It

Better Forget It

In Reef Honda

Henry Fonda

Doll May Shuns


Lass Twill Ant Taste A Mint

Last Will And Testament

Weed Owns Tan Ditch Ants

We Don't Stand A Chance

Wreck You Lure Hoard He Calf

Regular Or Decaf?

Pry Fat Bench A Man

Private Benjamin

Jaw Knee App Bulls Heed

Johnny Appleseed

Kit Tread He Fort Hey Cough

Get Ready For Takeoff

Shook Hurl His Scum

Sugarless Gum

Thief Armor Indeed Hell

The Farmer In The Dell

Abe You Team Arc

A Beauty Mark

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