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Terms for the US History test on the following... 12.1 - The Election of 1932 12.2 - Launching the New Deal 12.3 - The New Deal Under Attack 12.3b - The Political Spectrum 12.4 - FDR's Second Term KEY * = date included in answer ** = answer is not straight forward (hint:) = extra information

Assistant Secretary of the Navy

What was the job that Franklin Roosevelt held under President Wilson before becoming president, which was coincidentally the same job that Theodore Roosevelt had?

Brain Trust

What was the nickname given by newspaper journalists to the group of Ivy League professors who acted as Roosevelt's advisors? (hint: gave FDR conflicting advice on the New Deal)

relief, recovery, reform

What were the three basic objectives of the New Deal?

Hundred Day

What was the name of Roosevelt's first few months in office when he made a lot of changes to the economy?

Special Session of Congress, Emergency Banking Act, Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation, 21st Amendment, Tennessee Valley Authority, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, National Recovery Administration, direct relief program, Civilian Conservation Corp, Securities Exchange Commission

What were ten important changes to the country that Roosevelt made during the Hundred Days? *

declares bank holiday

What did FDR do about the banks during the Hundred Days?

Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation

Which organizations made sure that no one would loose money if the banking system failed?

21st Amendment

Which amendment repealed the 18th Amendment and allowed each state to create separate laws about prohibition, but still allowed the government to tax people on alcohol?

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

Which organization solved the overproduction of crops by paying farmers to reduce production by 25%? (hint: supported by farmers)

National Recovery Administration

Which organization supervised the industrial recovery program by making sure that there was no overproduction?

Harry Hopkins

Who was chosen by Roosevelt to run the direct relief program and the Works Progress Administration?

Civilian Conservation Corps

Which organization created many public works projects to help protect the environment and provide construction jobs for unemployed men?

Securities Exchange Commission

What was the agency that ran the stock and bond market to make sure the public had fair and accurate information about companies that are selling stock?

American Liberty League

What was the most important organization on the Right conservative side of the political spectrum that criticized Roosevelt?

Dr. Francis Townsend

Which Left-sided liberal thought that people needed a monthly retirement pension of $200 after they retired at age 60? (hint: money had to be spend that month)

Townsend Clubs

Who were the older people who supported Townsend by setting up clubs and circulating petitions to help pass the retirement pension?

Father Charles Coughlin

Who was the "Radio Priest" who called for nationalization/government control of banks and a dramatic expansion of the money supply?

Senator Huey Long

Who was the former governor of Louisiana who initially supported Roosevelt, but changed his mind after deciding to run for president and developing the Share Our Wealth Plan?

The Second New Deal

What was the revised version of Roosevelt's plan that he created after so many people started complaining about the New Deal?

Wagner Act/ National Labor Relations Act

Which act prohibited unfair labor practices and gave workers the right to join unions and bargain collectively? (hint: has two separate names)

National Labor Relations Board

Which organization was created to enforce the Wagner Act?

Social Security Act

Which act was one of the most important laws regarding social welfare that may have never been had it not been for Dr. Francis Townsend?

Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins

Who was the woman who helped encourage Roosevelt to pass the Social Security Act?

Works Progress Administration

What organization did Roosevelt create by funding public works programs in order to provide more jobs? *

Governor of Kansas Alfred Landon

Who was the moderate Republican that was chosen as their 1936 presidential candidate? (hint: supported some aspects of the New Deal)

realigning election

What was the Election of 1935 referred to due to the large number of people who switched their political views to Democratic?


What was the left side of the political spectrum?


What was the right side of the political spectrum?

Communist Party, Socialist Party

What two political parties were part of the Left/Liberal side of the political spectrum?

Conservative Coalition

What occured when Republicans and conservative Democrats came together to block any additional New Deal requests from Roosevelt?

Fair Labor Standards Act

Which act set up a minimum wage and maximum hours for workers and prohibited child labor? (hint: enacted during Roosevelt's stalemate)

John L Lewis

Who was the president of the United Mine Workers and founder of the Congress of Industrial Organization?

Congress of Industrial Organizations

What was the new union organization started by John L Lewis that reached out to all unskilled workers and eventually became rivals with the American Federation of Labor?

sit down strikes

What was the new strike tactic where workers would stop working but would remain inside the factory so that the owners could not hire new workers?

General Motors Strike (1936-1937)

What conflict arrived when the United Automobile Workers held a sit-down strike for over six weeks and eventually gained recognition? *

Tennessee Valley Authority (1933)

What was the unprecedented program of regional planning that was created during the Hundred Days to help improve the standard of living in a certain area? *

Shelterbelts Program

Which conservation program planted trees in the Dust Bowl area in order to decrease the number of dust storms?

industrial unions

Which unions included workers in an entire industry and were supported by union leaders such as John L Lewis?

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