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Apologia General Science 8b

What do uniformitarian geologist use to determine what time perild a layer of rock represents?
index fossils
Why is the data from Mt. Saint Helens considered evidence for catastrophism?
The major geological formation we see today can be formed qjuickly as a result of catastrophes.
Is the gelogical colum a real thing?
Does the fossil record supposrt the idea of evolution or the idea that God created each kind of plant and animal indevidually?
It supports the idea that God created each kind of plant and animal indivually.
What is a paraconfromity?
A paraconformity is an unconformity for which no evidence exist.
Whcih viewpoint requires the existance the existance of paraconfromity?
Name two problems of uniformitarinoism.
There are too many fossils in the fossil record. Index fossils are called into question by the many creature we once thought were extint but we know they are not.
Name two problems with catastrophism.
Catastrophist have offered no good good explanation for the existance of unconformities beween rock layers laid down b the Flood.. Catastrophist cannot explain certain fossil structures that look like they were formed under normal living conditions which would not exist during the Flood.
Do fossils require a long time to form?
Whtat do the data from Mount Saint Helens tells about the time it takes to form stratified rocks?
stratified rock can form rapidly.
What is so important about the Cumberland Bone Cave when it comes to the question of uniformitarian versus catastrophism?
It is excellent evidence for a worldwide flood and is a major problem for the nformitarian viewpoint?
According to the unformitarian view, whcih cratures lived on earth first?