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Quiz Study, 1.

First part of quiz study questions, includes questions from D test. These are more of the 'easier' questions, the next set will be more extensive.
Name 3 Gaits
Walk, Trot, Canter, and Gallop are all acceptable.
What is a female horse called, over 3 years of age.
A mare.
What is a male horse called, over 3 years of age.
Gelding (if castrated), Stallion (if not castrated and able to breed)
Name 3 face markings.
Star, Snip, Blaze, Strip, Bald
Name 5 leg markings.
Coronet, half-pastern, sock, stocking, half-cannon.
Name 15 parts of the pony.
Any 15 of these; poll, mane, crest, withers, back, loin, croup, dock, point of buttock, buttock, gaskin, buttock, hock, fetlock joint, pastern, hoof, stifle, sheath, flank, hindquarters, barrel, belly, elbow, chestnut, tendons, coronary band, pastern, cannon bone, knee, forearm, chest, shoulder, point of shoulder, throatlash, throttle, jaw, cheek, chin groove, muzzle, face, forelock.
Name 4 horse/pony breeds.
(Taken for PC D level book) Any of these: Arabian, QH, TB, Warmblood, Morgan, Appaloosa, Welsh, Shetland, POA, and Connemara. I'm assuming other breeds would be accepted.
Are upright pasterns good or bad conformation?
Bad; They are considered a fault and give the pony rougher movements.
How many inches in a hand.
Four inches
What is the max height of a pony.
What position should the stirrup bars be in when riding.
Pony Club requires helmets are ______ approved.
Be able to locate at least 10 parts of a Pony
Locate and memorize at least ten parts of a pony.
What part of the horse is closest to the Croup?
Name parts of the Pony's leg starting at the hoof.
Front Leg: hoof, coronary band, pastern, fetlock joint, cannon, knee, tendons, chesnut (on forearm), forearm, elbow.
What breed of pony originated in Ireland.
What gait does not have suspension.
Describe FORMAL attire.
Black Helmet (Certified/may have cover if not black), Black field/dress boots or matching boots/chaps (suede only for D level), breeches (white, buff, canary, or tan), belt if pants have belt loops, white riding shirt w/ neckband collar (shirt must have sleeves and collar, may be worn w/ coat when weather permits), white stock tie w/ gold pin thru knot, solid black, navy blue, or dark grey hutn coat, gloves are optional, medical armband, pony club pin.
Name four parts of the Bridle.
Throatlatch, Noseband, Crown Piece, Cheek Piece.
Name parts of the Saddle.
Pommel, Twist, Seat, Cantle, Panel, Dee Ring, Head nail, Keeper, Knee pad, Stirrup leather, Irons, Saddle flap, Skirt.
UNDER- Billets, billet webbings, stirrup bar, point pocket, knee roll, panel, 1st billet, billet gaurd
Why is english tack used in Pony Club
It provides the best for a balanced seat and for jumping.
According to PC rules halter/bridles made of synthetic materials must have what?
Breakaway staps.
On the bridle the reins are attached to the bit, what other part of the bridle is attached directly to the bit?
The cheek piece.
What bit uses double reins?
What grooming tool do use first and daily? (after and before you ride)
The hoof pick
Describe how to correctly use a metal curry comb.
Metal curry combs should only be used for cleaning other brushes.
What do you hold the pony's foot by when you pick it?
You hold it by the toe.
Name three ways you know your pony is cooled down properly.
Normal Temperature, he is cool and dry both on the chest and everywhere else. Breathing is normal, not puffing nor are nostrils wide open. The small veins in his face/neck are back to normal- not sticking out.
What are clinches
The end of the nails from the shoe on the outside of the hoof, they are pressed down.
How often should a pony's feet be trimmed/shod.
6-8 weeks.
What things are caused by boredom, nervousness, and lack of minerals- that usually occurs in stabled horses called.
Name five vices.
Weaving, Cribbing, Wood Chewing, Pawing, Kicking (i.e walls)
What is cribbing?
(taken from book) When cribbing, a pony grabs a solid object with his teeth and arches his neck while he swallows air. It can cause colic if he sucks in too much air.
What is the best gait to determine lameness?
The jog/trot.
If a horse is lame and his head is bobbing -down- is it a front or back leg that is lame?
It is a back leg
What is a vaccination that your horse should get yearly- and may get a booster if he gets deep cut or puncture wound.
Tetenus * spellingcheck.
What is the normal temperature range for a pony/horse.
95.5 -101.5 degrees.
Should you feed grass clippings to your horse?
No; they are not easy to digest and wilt quickly.
It typically weights 40-75 pounds and comes off in flakes. What is it?
Give an example or two of a succulent.
Apple, carrot.
Give an example or two of a concentate.
Oat, bran, grain, barley, bran, mixed feed/pellet, supplements/vitimins.
Example of roughage
Hay; all types. Sugar Beet pulp
What two things should horses always have access to.
Hay & Salt
How high should a haynet be hung at?
Eye level
How much water does a horse drink a day
8-12 gallons
What is one recommended way to keep a horse from getting cast in his stall.
Build up bedding around the walls of the stall.
Another name for the posting trot is..
Rising trot
What are two ways to ride the trot
Sitting and posting
Toe touching is a type of _____ exercise
suppling (for rider)
Jumping position is called ______________
Two Point