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recombination DNA used to make GMOs is

DNA that is patched together using DNA from multiple organisms

many concerns have been raised about the safety of GMOs. what concern hasnt been risen?

genetically modified crops increase the use of fossil fuels and therefore increase the production of carbon dioxide

what type of crop accounts for the most of the worlds genetically modified crops


recombination DNA

is the mergining of DNA from unrelated organisms to create new genetic varieties

what is true about GM crops

the united states leads the world in land area dedicated to GM crops

in japan, the presence of ducks and the aquatic fern Azolla in rice cultivation has shown that

restoring portions of the biodiversity of natural ecosystems increases crop yields and profits

organic farming

has increases in the united states canada and europe in recent years

in order for livestock to be considered organic

animals must be fed 100% organic agricultural feed

researchers have demonstrated that organic farming

decreased organic soil losses while giving yields comparable to conventional farming


can bring economic benefits and food security to many developing regions

why is variety in crop plants important for food security

varieties contain genes that through conventional breeding might confer resistance to disease

Bt crops

have been given a bacterial gene that gives chemical protection against pests

what requires the least land to produce 1 kg of protein


the european union nations

do not support the growth or sale of GM crops

the cartagena protocol on biosafety

outlines regulations on international trade of GM foods

it is more energetically efficient for us to eat more

plant based foods

recent investigations about the impact of GM crops on biodiversity indicate that

some GM sites had increased biodiversity, while in others it decreased

what was a positive environmental aspect of the flavor savor tomato

grown using less chemicals because it is less likely to rot

the flavor savor tomato is no longer marketed because

people were nervous about eating genetically modified tomatoes

if GM crops can decrease pesticide use, why are environmentalists still concerned

inserted genes can spread to nontarget species

livestock waste from concentrated farms can lead to a type of water pollution called


cows require a high quantity of feed because they

take time to row and have low energy conversion efficiency

you can make changes in your diet to diminish your ecological footprint by

shifting your protein intake from beef and pork to eggs and dairy

we will be able to support more people with the same amount of food supply if most people eat what type of diet


what is the basic concept of sustainable agriculture

it is agriculture that does not deplete soils faster than they form

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