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Bridle Parts

Parts of the saddle. And a study guide to it.
Nose Band
A leather strap that goes over the bridge of a horse's nose to help secure the bridle. A "figure eight" nose band goes over the bridge of the nose and under the rings of the bit to help keep the horse's mouth closed. This keeps the tongue from sliding up over the bit and is used on horses that do not like having a tongue tie used.
Snaffle Bit
A mouthpiece with a ring at each end, which does not employ leverage in its action.
Part of bridle going across the forehead
Cheek Piece
The part of the bridle which runs across the cheek of the horse, connecting the brow band and nose band.
Crown Piece
The strap of the bridle that goes ove the horses head, behind the ears.
Throat Latch
The strap unnder the horses throat which keeps the bridle in place.

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