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Fiction that has the ability to be broken down into basic elements; including but not limited to: structure, outlook, and approach.

A story of a person's life told by another person; there are mostly facts and some opinions of writer


A story is told within a story

Frame Narrative

A simple narrative poem often set to music; having two or more stanzas all sung to the same melody.


A story where an important scene occurs at the beginning and then the author backs up to tell how the story got to this point.

In medias res structure

A record of events and ideas but of a less personal nature


An author interrupts a scene to go back and tell about events that occurred earlier

Flashback Structure

A story of a person's life, as told by that person; there are plenty of opinions, based on facts


A story unfolds in regular time order as events occur

Chronological Order

Autobiographical story that covers a certain period of time or memory of an author


Autobiographical record of the writer's actions, feelings, and thoughts; some facts but contains mostly opinions of author


Statements of facts or opinions; can be found in newspapers or magazines about a book or moview, or presented orally

Essays, Editorials, Speeches, and or book and or movie reviews.

Web sites, letters, forms, advertisements, manuals, guides, resumens, research papers, surveys, etc would be characterized as this

Technical Documents

The story is told through a series of letters

Epistolary Narrative

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