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USYD Tooth Cons Consumables

2012 Dentistry
"Used to apply etchant, primer and bonding agents to tooth structure. Various sizes are available. Also used for various other medicaments."
10% Poly acrylic acid used to remove the smear layer from dentine cavity walls to assist in GI to dentine bonding.
Dentine conditioner
37% orthophosphoric acid used to etch enamel and dentine prior to bonding.
"Unfilled low viscosity resin used to bond to etched enamel, roughened GI and etched dentine."
(single bond) Adhesive
RMGI lining material used to seal dentinal tubles and replace lost dentine under restorations.
RMGI lining material
Tooth coloured restoration.
Composite resin
Capsule which contains the liquid and powder components of Glass Ionomer Cement prior to trituration.
GI capsule
Capsule which contains the alloy powder and liquid mercury of Amalgam prior to trituration.
Amalgam capsule
"Used to hold certain dispensed materials for example etch, dentine conditioner, bonding adhesive."
Dappen dish
Mounted in a mandrel to adjust and polish composite restorations. The abrasive part is the non coloured side and the coloured side depicts the abrasiveness. The darker the more abrasive.
Soflex discs
"Used as a matrix for Class V Glass Ionomer restorations. A. conventional GI, B. RMGI"
Cervical matrices
"Used to provide an additional wall for a cavity to facilitate placement of a light cured restorative material into a cavity, often supported by a wedge. For use in Class III or IV"
Clear matrix strip
"Used to finish restorations interproximally, various grits from coarse to fine."
Finishing strips
"Used to aid ensuring a good contact point in class II restorations by separating teeth slightly. Also holds the matrix in place, avoiding overhanging restorations. "
"Used to replace missing walls of the preparation, usually proximal walls of class II preparations. There are different kinds, premolar, molar, universal and pediatric universal."
Metal matrix bands
"Used as a moisture control aid, usually placed on the mucobuccal fold or under the tongue. "
Cotton rolls
"Used to transport medicaments to mouth /tooth such as topical anaesthetic, fluoride etc. Used in endodontic treatment as a vehicle for sedative dressing under temporary restorations. Used for applying pressure for example during pulpotomy."
Cotton pellets
"Used to isolate teeth from the rest of the mouth. It provides moisture control, better access and visibility, in addition to avoid bacterial contamination of the operative field and swallowing or aspiration of instruments. A number of thicknesses and colours are available. For patients allergic to latex, non-latex material is available."
Rubber dam
Used to check contacts interproximally of teeth or restorations. Used to manipulate rubber dam between teeth.
"Used to wipe oral tissues, or instruments clear. Also used immediately after an extraction as a pressure gauze for haemostasis of the socket. "
"Used for mixing materials, with the advantage of being disposable. Should be used one sheet at a time."
Paper mixing pad