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Arthur Vandenberg

supported Truman Doctrine to stop communism; Rep. Senator who in 1947 advised Truman to "Scare hell" out of Am. public to get support for expensive military and economic assistance to Greece and Turkey

Edward Stettinius

1940 Chairman of US Steel Corp, appointed to Natl Defense Advisory Comm. to coordinate industry mobilization; coordinated Lend-lease; 1944 Secr. of State; attended Yalta with FDR; 1945 leader of Am delegation to UN

Daniel Ken Inouye

US Senator from Hawaii; Asian who was an injured hero in WWII

Dean Rusk

1949 Under Secr. of State for Truman, supported Chiang's Natl Chinese gov't on Taiwan, moved US focus to Japan for a Pacific ally; 1960 "unassertive" Secr. of State for Kennedy and later for "inexperienced" LBJ

Walter Reuther

1940s labor leader (United Automobile Workers)

Phillip Murray

1940s labor leader (Steel Workers Organizing Committee)

George Meany

president of AFL-CIO in 1955 when they merged

John Gunther

journalist and author who wrote InInside Europe in 1936; Inside Asian in 1939, Inside USA in 1947

John Connally

Republican President Nixon's Democrat Secr. of Treasury; in 1971 improved balance of trade by devaluing the dollar and charing a 10% surtax on all imports

Leonard Bernstein

conductor and composer; 1943 NY Philharmonic; 1944 "Fancy Free"; 1945 "On the Town" (song "New York, New York"); 1950 "Peter Pan; 1957 "West Side Story"

Eugene McCarthy

Dem. from Minn., challenged LBJ for presidential nomination in 1968, intellectual, Catholic, opposed to Vietnam War, appealed to youth, lost om. to Humphrey

Allen B. Shepard

First American in space (1961) and the 5th astronaut on the moon in 1971

Neil Armstrong

astronaut, 1st to step on moon, 1969

Edward Brooke

1st black U.S. Senator in 1966 since Reconstruction, (Mass)

Louise Munoz Marin

Puerto Rican statesman who served as governor from 19512-1964, advocated independence

H.R. "Bob" Haldeman

Nixon White House Chief of Staff and closest aide; convicted in Watergate coverup of 1972

Janis Joplin

White blues singer from Corpus Christi who started in Austin and died of drug overdose in 1970

Bing Crosby

singer (1920's), actor in "Road to Singapore" (1940) and "Going My Way" (1944)

Humphrey Bogart

post WWII movie star, portrayed hero with no special training and no resources except his hard inner core; glorified the right of creative professional to discard society

Frank Sinatra

sung for Harry James' band in 1939 'ole Blue Eyes'

Jimi Hendrix

popular American guitar player/performed at Woodstock festival; died in accident in 1970

Elvis Presley

early rock performer; his country and Rhythm + blue style proved controversial, sun "hound Dog"

Rap Brown

replaced Carmichael as leader of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Comm., told blacks he advocated violence

Eldridge Cleaver

preached the doctrine of Black Power in 1960's, wrote "Soul On Ice"

Pearl Bailey

popular black performer of 1960's starred in black version of "Hello Dolly!" with Cab Calloway

Jessamyn West

author of Friendly Persuasion (1945) which described Quaker life in 1800's

Charles Stengel

'Casey', NY Yankees manager from 1949-1960; won 7 World SEries

Willie Mays

black baseball hall-of-famer, payed for New York Mets from 1950s to 1972

Maureen Connelly

1st woman to win the Grand Slam of tennis at age 19

Martha Graham

ballet choreographer from 1920s to 1940s "Appalachian Spring"

Woody Allen

actor, direction and write of films during the 70's and 80's; films usually in black and white

Marilyn Monroe

actress (?) and sex symbol, married to playwright Arthur Miller and committed suicide in early 1960s

George Bush

CIA director during the 1970's

Vernom Jordan

American civil rights leader who wanted to register black voters, headed National Urban League in 70's

Ralph Nader

lawyer and consumer advocated, author of "UNsafe at Any Speed" about automobile safety problems

Gloria Steinam

author and proponent of feminism since 1960's former editor and founder of Ms. magazine

Eliot Richardson

nixon's U.S. Attorney General; would not fire Special Prosecutor Cox in Watergate investigation, Nixon demanded R. resignation in Sat. Night Massacre

George Steinbrenner

owner of NY Yankees baseball team; often hated

Billie Jean King

top-ranked women's tennis player of late 60's and 1970's

Muhammad Ali

Olympic and world champion boxer who avoided the Vietnam draft due his status as Muslim minister

Helen Keller

blind, dear woman; spokesman for rights of handicapped

Baker v. Carr

supreme Court decision by the Warren Court that said that all election districts must provide equal representation for voters (one man one vote)

Rachel Carson

wrote "Silent Spring", a book that pointed out the dangers of using the pesticide DDt and which launched the modern environmental movement

Betty Freidan

wrote'The Feminine Mystique", a book that argued that many women could not have fulfilling lives in limited to a traditional role in the home, thus helping launch the modern feminist movement

Malcom X

Black Muslim assassinated by other militant blacks

Robert Kennedy

a senator who mobilized anti-war sentiment within the Democratic Party by becoming contender for the 1968 presidential nomination

Charles de Gaulle

President of France; took France out of of NATO

Archibald Cox

fired in the "Saturday Night Massacre" of Watergate

Richard M. Nixon

first came into national prominence as an ambition red-cathcer in connection with the Hiss case

John Lennon

assassinated rock star

Lyndon B. Johnson

responsible for the Gulf of Tonkin "blank check"

Gerald Ford

only U.S> president elected by Congress

Henry Kissinger

Nixon's advisor on national security, later Secr. of State

George Wallace

third party presidential candidate from the Deep South

Earl Warren

Chief Justice who became a social activist on behalf of civil rights

Barry Goldwater

Republican presidential candidate in 1964

Warren Burger

conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice appointed by Nixon

Hubert Humphrey

Johnson's heir apparent (Democratic presidential nomination)

William Fulbright

chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a forum for critics o the Vietnam War

Martin Luter King, Jr.

college-educated black who played aprominent role on organizing the MOntgomery bus boycott

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