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the set of all points
collinear points
points all in one line
coplanar points
points all in one plane
two points on the line and all points between them
a line with a single endpoint (or point of origin) that extends infinitely in one direction.
opposite rays
two rays that have the same endpoint and extend in opposite directions.
congruent segments
segments that have equal lengths
the point that divides the segment into two congruent segments.
segment bisector
is a point, a line, a ray or a line segment that bisects another line segment.
a figure formed by two rays that have the same endpoint.
angle bisector
a ray that divides the angle into two congruent adjacent angles
supp. angles
Two angles whose measures have the sum 180
comp. angles
Two angles whose measures have the sum 90
vertical angles
Two angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays.
perpendicular lines
Two lines that interest to form right angles
acute angle
Angle with measure between 0 and 90
obtuse angle
Angle with measure between 90 and 180
right angle
Angle with measure of 90
straight angle
Angle with measure of 180
parallel lines
Coplanar lines that do not intersect
skew lines
Lines that aren't coplanar
scalene triangle
Triangle with no sides congruent
iso. triangle
Triangle with at least 2 congruent sides
equilateral triangle
Triangle with all sides congruent
acute triangle
Triangle with 3 acute angles
right triangle.
Triangle with one right angle
obtuse triangle
Triangle with one obtuse angle
equiangular triangle
Triangle with all angles congruent
exterior angle of a polygon
the angle formed when one side of a polygon is extended
A segment joining non-consecutive vertices of a polygon
a four-sided figure
a figure formed by three segment joining three noncollinear points.
a 5-sided polygon
a 6-sided polygon
median of a triangle
A segment from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side.
altitude of a triangle
The perpendicular segment from a vertex to the line containing the opposite side.
perpendicular bisector
A line, ray, segment that is perpendicular to the segment at it's midpoint
A quad. with both pairs of opposite sides congruent
a quad. with four right angles
a quad. with four congruent sides
a quad. with four right angles and four congruent sides.
A quad. with exactly one pair of parallel sides.
iso. trapezoid
A trapezoid with congruent legs
median of a trapezoid
the segment that joins the midpoints of the legs
bases of a trapezoid
Sides that are parallel in a Trapezoid
A statement that contains "If and only If".
Flips the if and then. Example: "If q, then p" would be "If p, then q".
Makes the statement negative. Example: "If q, then p" would be "If not q, then not p"
Flips the if and then and makes the statement negative
similar polygons
Two polygons are similar if their vertices can be paired so that corresponding angles are congruent and corresponding sides are in proportion
The relationship between two quantities
equation stating that two ratios are equal
scale factor
The ratio of any two corresponding lengths in two similar geometric figures.