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Chapter 4- Fair Housing

Attorney General's Memorandum
Statement about discrimination everyone listing property must receive
Inducing panic selling based on prejudice
Civil RIghts Act of 1866
Federal law; "race" the one protected class, no exceptions
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Federal agency enforcing civil rights compliance
Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968
Federal law setting many protected classes, some exceptions
Law Against Discrimination
New Jersey's law governing discrimination in real estate transactions
Mount Laurel I and II
Court cases covering moderate income housing
Protected class
Specific groups that may not be discriminated against
Refusal to lend in certain areas, usually inner city
Reverse discrimination
"Benign"discrimination intended to correct past wrongs
Channeling homeseekers/buyers to or away from certain areas
Undercover checker who monitors fair housing compliance
Title VIII
section of federal Civil Rights Act that covers housing