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virus that infects bacteria; uses host's transcription machinery to transcribe own genes; sigma factor recognizes the promoter

temporal control

- -: relationship will change as time goes on


- genes: genes transcribed by host 1-5 minutes after infection

early; sigma; middle

viral infection; 1 - gene encodes for a new viral - factor; leads to transcription of the - genes

splicing; 5' cap; 3' poly A tail

post transcriptional modifications:

gamma; RNA triphosphatase

- phosphate (1st) is removed via -

G; phosphate; guanylyl transferase

first phosphate is replaced with a - nucleotide coupled with a - via - -

methyl transferase

methylates the G nucleotide

poly(A) polymerase; one

- - adds ~250 A's to 3' end of RNA - at a time

intron; removed

nonsense; they are -

exon; joined together

contains codons; they are - -

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