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Formation of lymph

Interstitial fluid

found in the spaces between cells and becomes lymph when it enters lymph capillaries


are not apart of the immune system

Bone morrow

are not an area of lymph node concentration

Humoral immunity

B cells, plasma cells and antibodies are

T cells

Helper or suppressor cells

Iga,Igg, IgE

examples of immunoglobulins


Oropharyngeal lymph tissue


Mediastinal T cell producer


Nasopharyngeal lymph tissue


Abdominal organ that filters erythrocytes and activates lymphocytes

Bone Marrow

Produces lymphocytes and monocytes and all other blood cells

Cytotoxic cells

T cell lymphocytes

Interferons and interleukins

antiviral proteins produced by t cell lymphocytes


Slight increase in numbers of lymphocytes


Pertaining to poison


X-ray record after injecting dye into lymph vessels


The virus that causes aids

Hodgkin's disease

Malignant tumor of lymph nodes

Herpes Simplex

Viral infection causing blisters on skin of lips, nose or genitals.

Kaposi sarcoma

Cancer arising from the lining cells of capillaries, producing bluish-red skin nodules

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Major lung infection involving the brain, lungs and other organs. causes paralysis and seizures and is associated with AIDS


Fungal infection due to inhalation of dust. Causes fever, chills and lung infection and is associated with AIDS


A hyoersensitivity or allergic state





Helper cells

t cell lymphocytes;stimulate

Cytotoxic cells

T cell lymphocytes; killer cells

Suppressor cells

T cell lymphocytes that inhibit the activity of b cell lymphocytes


syndrome marked by enlargement of the spleen and associated with anemia and leukopenia

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