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Andrew Jackson's soldiers nicknamed him:

C) Old Hickory

Andrew Jackson was a true Jeffersonian in his:

C) belief in limited government

The Peggy Eaton affair revealed:

C) the destructive gossip of the Washington social scene

Despite the fact that Andrew Jackson continually opposed federal aid to local projects, he did support:

B) interstate projects such as the National Road

By the 1820s, South Carolina:

B) was experiencing agricultural depression

Calhoun's South Carolina Exposition and Protest:

A) argued that states could nullify federal legislation

The Webster-Hayne debate is best remembered for:

A) Webster's eloquent defense of the union

Tariffs passed by Congress in 1830 and 1832:

C) lowered duties on some items

How many states joined South Carolina in repudiating the tariff acts of 1828 and 1832?


In response to South Carolina's tariff nullification, Jackson:

A) threatened to hang Calhoun

When Congress rechartered the Bank of the United States in 1832:

A) Jackson vetoed the recharter

The Anti-Masonic party was the first to:

C) hold a national nomination convention

As a result of Jackson's bank policies:

B) banks printed new bank notes with abandon

The Specie Circular:

B) required gold or silver payment for public lands

Least likely to become Whigs would be:

A) German and Irish Catholics

All of the following were prominent Whig politicians EXCEPT:

C) Martin Van Buren

After the panic of 1837, working-class Americans could expect all of the following EXCEPT:

C) government assistance

All of the following factors contributed to the panic of 1837 EXCEPT the:

C) tariff of 1835, which had lowered duties to dangerous levels

In the 1840 campaign, the Whigs:

B) claimed their candidate was born in a log cabin

William Henry Harrison:

B) had defeated the Shawnees at Tippecanoe

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