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Repiratory, Gen A&P WWTC LAX


(Upper Respiratory)
External nares

above hard palet

(Upper Respiratory)
nasal cavity

divides left & right sides

(Upper Respiratory)
nasal septum

folds in nasal cavity

(Upper Respiratory)
nasal conchae

narrowing in back of nose

(Upper Respiratory)
Conchae (internal nares)

Bony structure of roof of mouth

(Upper Respiratory)
Hard palate

area in back of hard palate

(Upper Respiratory)
soft palate

Punching bag in back of throat

(Upper Respiratory)

throat region nose to uvula

(Upper Respiratory)

ear tube opening

(Upper Respiratory)
auditory tube (Eustation tube) opening

glandular tucked up on top

(Upper Respiratory)
pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids)

look back of throat -uvula to epigottis region

(Upper Respiratory)

hang off uvuals back of throat

(Upper Respiratory)
palatine tonsils

tonsil below tongue

(Upper Respiratory)
lingual tonsils

epigottis to laryngopharynx

(Upper Respiratory)

Horse shoe bone atachment point for tongue

(Lower Respiratory)
Hyoid Bone

voice box


adams apple, large sheild

thyroid cartlidge

inferior to thyroid cartlidge

cricoid cartlidge

big flap, covers trachea

Epiglottic cartildge

springs on model ligiments span across larynx

true vocal folds( cords)

Space between vocal cord
(pin & tape) in pactical


either side media stinum, houses lungs

Pleural cavities and membranes

space between parietal & visceral pleura

Pleural cavity

outside next to wall of rib cage

Parietal pleura

lining on surface of lungs

Visceral pleura

Top pointed part of lung


indented region on lungs where structures enter & leave lungs


on bottom of lungs


Left lung ___ lobes
Right lung ____ lobes

Left 2 lobes
Right 3 lobes

multicolored model can remove sections and still live

Bronchopulmanary segment

Dome shaped Muscle below heart & lungs


tube that serves both lungs


Y in trachea, responsible for voilent cough


Branches of trachea, serves one lung

Primary bronchus

little branches off from primary bronchus

Secondary bronchus

each bronchus segment off primary bronchus

tertiary bronchus

(Slide) smaler tube, smooth muscle is present under microscope


(Slide) leads into alvoli

Alveolar duct

(Slide) site of gas exchange




(slide) seen under microscope

hyalin cartlidge

(Slide) lined with clia

cilicated, pseudostratified columnar epithelia

(Slide) lining of trachea


(slide) clear cell insode pseudostratified columnar epithelia

goblet cell

(Slide) organ that alows us to breathe

Lung (organ)

(slide) Tube running into alveolar Duct


(slide) Tube running into alveolar

alveolar duct

(slide) cell made up of simple squemus epithelia


(Slide) single layer of cells

simple squamus epithelium

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