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a complex of ribonucleoproteins that catalyze the removal of introns from pre-mRNA


small nuclear ribonucleoprotines - part of spliceosome

snRNA; protein

snRNPs are made up of: - and -


vary in nucleotide composition

U1, U2, U4, U5, U6



binds to 5' splice site; joins prior to lariat formation; leaves prior to lariat formation


binds branch-point sequence; binds to U6


interacts with U6; leaves before splicing


no complement to snRNA or exon/intron; interacts with last base of 1st exon AND first base of 2nd exon; involved in positioning; in a complex with U6/U4


binds to 5' splice site; joins before lariat forms; stays after lariat for splicing; interacts with U4/U2; only interacts with U4 OR U2

commitment complex

_ _:U1 binds at the 5' splice site

A complex; ATP

_ _:U2 binds to the branch point in intron (A); folds the pre-mRNA; requires _

B1 complex

_ _: U6/U4/U5 bind to 5' splice site; allows U5 to interact with the last base/first base

U4; U6; U1

the spliceosome is activated, using ATP, when _ leaves the complex and _ displaces _

B2 complex

_ _: using ATP, U2 and U6 interact

C1 complex

_ _: lariat intermediate forms

C2 complex

_ _: using ATP, exons are joined and intron is removed

I complex

_ _: introns only, exons excised

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