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  1. podcast
  2. Domain name
  3. streaming media
  4. Boolean Search
  5. Hardware
  1. a A type of search that combines keywords in specific ways to locate specific information.
  2. b part of a URL hat identifies the entity.
  3. c the physical components of a computer.
  4. d an audio or video recording of a broadcast that is distributed via the Web.
  5. e a downloading process that shortens the user's wait time by breaking the transmission into small pieces.

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  1. a policy used by organizations such as schools and businesses to regulate online use.
  2. a set of rules and procedures specifying how data needs to be formatted and transmitted between computer systems.
  3. a group of related and interlinked XHTML files organized around a common topic.
  4. a business that allows its users to access the Internet through the provided network.
  5. an application that locates information about Web pages and then stores this information in a searchable database that can be accessed with a browser.

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  1. Web pagea group of related and interlinked XHTML files organized around a common topic.


  2. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)a protocol used to transfer files from a Web server to a Web browser


  3. netiquettea huge network that connects computers all over the world.


  4. Plug-insoftware that works with a Web browser to play a particular file format, such as an audio or video file.


  5. URLa unique address that enables a browser to locate specific page files on the Web.


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