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  1. this is a very hostile and rude form of abuse where the bully uses vulgar and abusive language with the intention of starting a fight with the victim.
  2. a policy used by organizations such as schools and businesses to regulate online use.
  3. can be described as the sending of messages to frighten or threaten someone. The person receiving these messages begins to worry about their safety and general well being.
  4. a huge network that connects computers all over the world.

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  1. Degradation/humiliationbullies will use cyber bullying to spread rumours and hearsay with the purpose of damaging the victim's reputation to ensure that they are shunned.


  2. Harassingharassing is the sending of insulting, threatening and harassing messages via the internet or cell phones. These messages are however sent persistently and tirelessly.


  3. netiquettea huge network that connects computers all over the world.