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  1. copyright
  2. keyword
  3. trademark
  4. World Wide Web
  5. podcast
  1. a a name, symbol, or other feature that identifies a product with a specific owner.
  2. b an important word related to the specific topic you are trying to locate.
  3. c a law that asserts that only the copyright's owner has the right to sell the work or allow someone else to sell it
  4. d an audio or video recording of a broadcast that is distributed via the Web.
  5. e a software system of linked files that may contain text, graphics, audio, video, or animation that is used on the Internet.

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  1. software that locates and displays Web pages on a user's computer screen.
  2. a business that allows its users to access the Internet through the provided network.
  3. general guidelines for online users.
  4. a policy used by organizations such as schools and businesses to regulate online use.
  5. repeated harassment of a teenager using Internet chat rooms, text messages, social networking sites, or other digital technology such as cell phones.

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  1. Interneta huge network that connects computers all over the world.


  2. Boolean SearchA type of search that combines keywords in specific ways to locate specific information.


  3. streaming mediapart of a URL hat identifies the entity.


  4. networkan important word related to the specific topic you are trying to locate.


  5. web sitethe basic component of the Web, a single file within a Web site that has a unique name.