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  1. Medications given before, during, and after chemo
  2. zometa (zoledromic acid)
  3. oxazolidinones
  4. MSIR
  5. oxymorphone
  1. a opana- not used, new, expensive
  2. b ativan, benedryl, decadron, protonix, reglan, zofran
  3. c linezolid (zyvox) anti infective
  4. d potent monthly med, hypercalcemia IV
  5. e instant release morphine (liquid 20mg/ml), used for break through pain

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  1. Antifungals
  2. RA Morphine
  3. anti-infectives
  4. liquid for brk thru
  5. used for parathyroid cancer only, to handle hypercalcemia, it decreases bone reabsorption (often they have bone metastasis)

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  1. Neulasta (pegfilgrastim)-aids Neutrophils SQ


  2. Didronel (etidronate)-hypercalcemia, very potent, give only 1/month. IBPB


  3. ativan(lorazepam)for anxiety and anticipatory N/V IVP, PO


  4. Fentanyl-IVP dilute with 10ml NSS; IVPB dilute in 50 ml NSS over 15 mins


  5. what are aredia, didronel, zometa, sensipar?medications for hypercalcemia