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  1. Medications given before, during, and after chemo
  2. what are Aloxi, Emend, Kytril, Phenergan, Zofran?
  3. dry mouth- usually caused by salivary impairment caused by cancer treatment. Andriomycin is one.
  4. methylnatrexone (relistor)-
  5. sensipar (cinacalcet)
  1. a ativan, benedryl, decadron, protonix, reglan, zofran
  2. b used for parathyroid cancer only, to handle hypercalcemia, it decreases bone reabsorption (often they have bone metastasis)
  3. c Xerostomia
  4. d Antiemetics
  5. e opiod antagonist

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  1. hydorcodone and tylenol PO
  2. potent monthly med, hypercalcemia IV
  3. aids Neutrophils SQ
  4. IVP IVPB, doses greater than 4mg are usually administered IVPB
  5. liquid for brk thru

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  1. Emend (aprepitant)-new med that makes uric acid water soluble so it can pass easier. Acid created from lysed cancer cells


  2. MS Contin-hydorcodone and tylenol PO


  3. Phenergan (promethazine)PO IV antiemetic


  4. ativan(lorazepam)for anxiety and anticipatory N/V IVP, PO


  5. aranesp (darbopoetin alpha)-NK1 agonist antiemetic