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  1. oxymorphone
  2. Narcan (naloxone)-
  3. fluroquinolone-
  4. decadron(dexamethasone)-
  5. Didronel (etidronate)-
  1. a steriod L/A- prekemo N/V inflammation IV, PO
  2. b will bind with any narcotic in blood stream. Antidote to opiates
  3. c hypercalcemia. Less potent than aredia PO
  4. d antibiotics avelox, cipro
  5. e opana- not used, new, expensive

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  1. skin antibiotic tygacil (tigecycline)
  2. opiod antagonist
  3. stimulates platelets SQ
  4. IVP dilute with 10ml NSS; IVPB dilute in 50 ml NSS over 15 mins
  5. PPI, used with steroids to protect stomach, IVP, PO

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  1. acyclovir, ganciclovirusually on skin or in mouth


  2. What are aranesp, epogen, neulasta, neupogen, neumega, sargramostim?medications for hypercalcemia


  3. any agent that has potential to cause blistering or tissue necrosis when extravasated. Not all chemo cause tissue damage...


  4. ativan(lorazepam)for anxiety and anticipatory N/V IVP, PO


  5. oxazolidinoneshydorcodone and tylenol PO