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  1. cephalosporins, activated protein c, anti-fungal, cyclic lipopeptide, fluroquinolone, glycylycline, oxazolidinones, anti-viral, carbapenems,
  2. antiemetics given 30 minutes prior to chemo
  3. fluroquinolone-
  4. oral protectant against mucocitis, chemo protective agent
  5. aredia (pamidronate)
  1. a gelclair
  2. b hypercalcemia, very potent, give only 1/month. IBPB
  3. c anti-infectives
  4. d ...
  5. e antibiotics avelox, cipro

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  1. medications for hypercalcemia
  2. Xerostomia
  3. narcotic, IV (drip or bolus), or PO
  4. RBC stimulation, renal failure usually
  5. anti-viral (like shingles)

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  1. toradol (ketorolac)hypercalcemia. Less potent than aredia PO


  2. tissue damage drug, not as bad as vesicant, but still as bad. Feneraganmedications for hypercalcemia


  3. Lomotil (diphenoxylate and atropine)antidiarrheal, liquid or pill Rx


  4. vicodinhydorcodone and tylenol PO


  5. any agent that has potential to cause blistering or tissue necrosis when extravasated. Not all chemo cause tissue damageVesicant