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  1. aredia (pamidronate)
  2. tissue damage drug, not as bad as vesicant, but still as bad. Feneragan
  3. benadryl (diphenhydramine
  4. dilaudid (hydromorphone)
  5. Zofran-
  1. a 5HT3 antagonist SA, cheaper than kytril
  2. b antihistamine, for hypersensativity
  3. c hypercalcemia, very potent, give only 1/month. IBPB
  4. d irritant
  5. e narcotic, IV (drip or bolus), or PO

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  1. NSAID, PO, IV, IM for 5 days max, highly effective in PO pain, hard on the stomach
  2. antiemetics N/V IM PO SL IVPD IVP(2-4 mg)
  3. (nabilone) man made form of cannibus
  4. IVPB ONLY!! must be mixed in 50 ml bag and administered over at least 15 minutes
  5. Antiemetics

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  1. fluroquinolone-antibiotics avelox, cipro


  2. Protonix(pantoprazole)for anxiety and anticipatory N/V IVP, PO


  3. Neulasta (pegfilgrastim)-stimulates platelets SQ


  4. Lomotil (diphenoxylate and atropine)5HT3 antagonist LA, IV every 7 days


  5. Didronel (etidronate)-hypercalcemia, very potent, give only 1/month. IBPB


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