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  1. dry mouth- usually caused by salivary impairment caused by cancer treatment. Andriomycin is one.
  2. MS Contin-
  3. Cesamet-
  4. Neumega (oprelvelkin)
  5. methylnatrexone (relistor)-
  1. a opiod antagonist
  2. b Xerostomia
  3. c LA PO taken w or wo pain q12h for chronic long term pain. DO NOT CRUSH
  4. d (nabilone) man made form of cannibus
  5. e stimulates platelets SQ

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  1. instant release morphine (liquid 20mg/ml), used for break through pain
  2. steriod L/A- prekemo N/V inflammation IV, PO
  3. stimulate RBC SQ
  4. will bind with any narcotic in blood stream. Antidote to opiates
  5. RA Morphine

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  1. Aloxi (palonosetron)5HT3 antagonist LA, IV every 7 days


  2. Benedryl-IVP dilute with 10ml NSS; IVPB dilute in 50 ml NSS over 15 mins


  3. aredia (pamidronate)hypercalcemia. Less potent than aredia PO


  4. ZofranIVP IVPB, doses greater than 4mg are usually administered IVPB


  5. acyclovir, ganciclovirantibiotics avelox, cipro