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  1. Zofran-
  2. Percocet
  3. Emend (aprepitant)-
  4. Fentanyl-
  5. cephalosporins, activated protein c, anti-fungal, cyclic lipopeptide, fluroquinolone, glycylycline, oxazolidinones, anti-viral, carbapenems,
  1. a anti-infectives
  2. b 5HT3 antagonist SA, cheaper than kytril
  3. c duragesic patch (change every 5 days and needs fat to absorb), Actiq (PO) lollipop, IV (PCA), rare ones are- Fentora (Buccal) and Ionsys (transdermal)
  4. d NK1 agonist antiemetic
  5. e PO, oxycodone with APAP

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  1. narcotic, IV (drip or bolus), or PO
  2. instant release morphine (liquid 20mg/ml), used for break through pain
  3. LA PO taken w or wo pain q12h for chronic long term pain. DO NOT CRUSH
  4. medications for hypercalcemia
  5. Antiemetics

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  1. Neumega (oprelvelkin)stimulates platelets SQ


  2. Elitek (rasburicase)-hypercalcemia, very potent, give only 1/month. IBPB


  3. Neulasta (pegfilgrastim)-stimulates platelets SQ


  4. aredia (pamidronate)will bind with any narcotic in blood stream. Antidote to opiates


  5. PhenerganIVPB ONLY!! must be mixed in 50 ml bag and administered over at least 15 minutes