To Kill A Mockingbird Ch 7-11

honest; naive
relief from pain
verbal attack
filled with regret
insults; curses
noisy; unruly
a vigorous growth of plants
anything that damages a person by defaming his character
smashed or crushed
a water pipe
a wardrobe assembled for marriage
They were sewed up and folded, laying on the fence.
How did Jem find his pants when he went back to the Radley house to get them?
Twine, images carved in soap (boy and girl), a pack of gum, a spelling-be medal, and a pocket watch with a knife
What items do the children find in the knothole at the Radley place in Chapter 7
It was filled with concrete.
Why don't the kids leave their thank-you note in the knothole?
He is confused about why he would fill it up, and he cries.
How does Jem respond to Nathan Radley's actions?
He thinks Boo Radley did because he wasn;t at the fire and the kids were in front of the Radley place.
Who does Atticus think put the blanket around Scout as they watched the fire?
Sometimes you have to turn the other cheek and walk away from a fight.
What does Scout learn from her talk with Atticus about Cecil Jacobs being mean?
Francis, her cousin.
Which relative does Scout fight with in Chapter 9?
He didn't listen to her side of the story.
Why does Scout tell Uncle Jack that he is being unfair?
Tom Robinson is black, and there is no evidence. It is just his word against the Ewells'.
Why does Atticus expect the jury not to believe Tom Robinson?
A mockingbird. They are told that because they are innocent, they don't deserve ill treatment.
What animal does Atticus forbid the kids to shoot in Chapter 10? Why is this?
He is a dog, and he has caught rabies. Atticus shoots him.
Who is Tim Johnson, and how does he die?
He is really good with a gun.
What skill does Atticus reveal that his children didn't know about?
He has to read to her every day and work on her flowers.
How does Atticus punish Jem for destroying Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes?
It goes off later and later every day, and it always goes off right when Mrs. Dubose has a fit.
What does Scout notice about the alarm clock?
She was addicted to Morphine and she was trying to get off of it before she died.
What does Atticus tell the kids about Mrs. Dubose after she dies?
The beginning to the end of segregation; blacks and whites being mixed more
What does the snowman symbolize?
a new beginning
What does Ms. Maudie's house fire symbolize?
character is constant, and doesn't change much
character is changing, usually do to conflict
Rosetta Stone
tablet made of hard, dark volcanic rock; written in Egyptian hieroglyphics; discovered in 1799 near Rosetta, Egypt; provided the way to decipher hieroglyphics
town in Virginia where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant, bringing the Civil War to a close in 1865