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Pennies A Day / Preview 21

Over 140 million Bangladeshis are below what age?
What amount of money per day did 70% of the people of Bangladesh live on?
less then 1$ a day
To what does Muhamid Yunus compare poverty? why?
a darkness, hopeless
what were some problems with borrowing from traditional money lenders?
high intrest rate
how much were the original Grameen loans?
what does grameen mean?
what prize was awarded to muhammad yunus?
nobel peace prize
what is microcredit?
small loans too poor people so they can start a business
who receives 96 of gramen loans
what helped grameen to achieve 99% of payback loans?
peer pressure, individual pride
what are some xamples of the 16 decisions?
cleansennes, balanced meals, working hard, family planning.
how are the loans used?
agriculture, looms, poultry, cell phone use, grocery stores livestock
she sells bread
challenges woman face in country's
customers are not buying, money, housing, famine
businesses affect lives of family in many ways name some
more food water better standard of living