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Legal vocabulary

reasonable (adj)

fair and understandable

to doubt (sth)

feel uncertain about something, not know if it is true

to charge (sb with sth)

formally say that they have committed a crime after you arrest them

to convict (sb of sth)

decide at the end of a trial that they are guilty

to acquit (sb of sth)

set them free because they have been found not guilty

to suspect (sb of sth)

believe that they have committed a crime

alleged (adj)

stated but not proved to be true

exception (n)

something not included in a general statement, judgement or rule

mistrial (n)

a trial that is not valid

to overturn (a conviction)

cancel it after an appeal

to prove (sth)

show by means of argument or evidence that something is definitely true

defendant (n)

a person who is accused of a crime

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