11 terms

COMS 103 Quiz 2

Individual brainstorming, categorical brainstorming, conducting a personal inventory, current topic identification, internet searching
5 methods of searching for a topic
trying to think of as many topics as you can in a limited time
Individual brainstorming
you begin with categories that prompt you to think of topics
Categorical Brainstorming
consider features of your life such as experiences, attitudes, values, beliefs
Conducting a personal inventory
items that you find in the news
Current Topic Identification
searching for a topic online
Internet searching
appropriate for you, the audience, and the occasion
Standards of Appropriateness
To inform, to persuade, to highlight a special occasion
general purposes of speech
you identify your purpose more precisely as an outcome or behavioral objective and include your audience
Specific purpose
summary of the speech
Thesis statement
to teach the fundamentals of outlining and to inform your audience about yourself
Purpose of a Personal Attitude Speech