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Este es el quizlet para Examen 2 de 30/9/2013 y 1/10/13 sobre Columna B, p 40.

deja los EE.UU.

She leaves the U.S. for good

intenta abrir la caja

She tries to open the box

espera las noticias

She expects the news, hope, wait for


to shout

arregla su cuarto

She tidies up her room

Le muestra la foto

She shows the photo to her/him

Suele salir a las siete

She usually leaves at seven

Recorre el país

She travels the country

odia los quehaceres domésticos

She hates housework

Sale de la sala

She leaves the living room

asiste al concierto

She attends the concert

entra en el comedor

She enters the dining room

enseña al estudiante a hablar español

She teaches the student to speak Spanish

aprende a esquiar

she learns to ski

El nene empieza a caminar a los nueve meses

The baby begins to walk at nine months old

está de vacaciones

she's on vacation

va de compras

she is going shopping

ayuda a la señora a bajar las escaleras

she helps the lady to come down the stairs

depende de sus amigos

she depends on her friends

deja de gritar

she quits shouting

te reúnes con tus amigos

you get together with your friends

Me pongo el suéter

I put on the sweater

Me doy cuenta de que tienes razón

I realize that you're right

Me marcho de Madrid

I'm leaving Madrid

Se sienta en la silla

She sits down in the chair

Me siento bien, mal

I feel well, ill

Me divierto en el club

I have a good time in the club

casarse con

to get married to

aprovechar el sol

to benefit from the sun

se mete donde no lo llaman, se mete en mi cuarto

he butts in where they don't call him, she goes into my room

me acuesto

I go to bed

se ríe de ellos

she laughs at them

enamorarse de

to fall in love with

quitarse la ropa

to take off one's clothing


to draw


to portray


to put up with, tolerate


to harm

estar en apuros

to be in trouble

piensa salir pronto

He's planning to leave soon

salir con

to go out with

me parezco a mi abuelo

I resemble my grandfather

me pruebo la ropa

I try on the clothing

me alegro de que

I am happy that

me seco las manos

I dry my hands

Me fijo en el cielo

I notice the sky

Mi idea sale mejor

My idea turns out better

A mi hermano le caen bien los dueños

The owners make a good impression on my brother

Se entera de que su amigo está bien

She finds out that her friend is fine.

Averigua/descubre que no es la hora de levantarse

She discovers that it isn't time to get up

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