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Mr. Prier notes from 09/10/2009

4 primary forms of art


Characteristics of Minoan Art

Linear patterns-spirals-triangles

Middle Minoan Art Characteristics

Naturilistic Design

Late Minoan Art Characteristics

Flowers and Animals

Minoan Paintings

"Wet or True"-refelected activity-time constraint because paint dries quickly-natural poises

Minoan Sculpture

very little survived-fetish with snake goddesses-artifacts dedicated to Gods/ Kings

Minoan Jewlery

imported copper from cyprus

1600-1100 BC


Mycnean Sculpture

3 types-- a. Tau Type. Arms close to body-- b. Psi Type. Outstretched arms to sky-- c. Phi type. Round and short

Mycnean Painting

Themes included hunting, battle, and mythology

Mycnean Pottery

Stirrup Jars, and pitchers. Incoporated myths, warriors, and animal motifs

First to use cameos using agate stone called Indian Sardonyx for their jewlery


650-480 BC


Archaic Sculpture

Limestone, marble, terra cotta, bronze. Themes-- mythhs and daily life

The most popular sculpture for Archaic

Kauros- Represented Apollo

Archaic Pottery

3 types-- a. Kratery. Large vase for mixing water and wine-- b. Lekythos. Stored olive oil ( for cooking and showering)-- c. Lautrophos. Represented marriage and funereal rituals

Black Figure Pottery- Black stilloutes with red background-- Red Figurre opposite method of black (triple firing phase turned it into black)

Archaic Painting

510-320 BC


Contraposto- mastered how the different parts of the body act as a system. Kritios set the rules

Classical Sculpture

Used for special occasions and public apperance. Supposed to give you magical powers and protect you from the evil eye. Women used it to show off status and beauty.

Classical Jewlery

Used white grown technique

Classical Pottery

323-146 BC

Hellenistic Period

Focused on sleep, old age, and suffering

Hellenistic Sculptures

2 most important sculptures in Hellenistic Period

Baberini Faun and Gauls Killing Himself

Hellenistic Painting

1.5 million colored tiles called tesserae; can not be found; ceramics- common black and uniformed decorated with flowers

Hellenistic Jewlery


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