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  1. During pollination, the pollen tube enters the _____ ______ and discharges its contents (___ ___)
  2. Fruits with hooks and spines disperse by
  3. At the center of the fourth whorl is the...
  4. Four major phyla of gymnosperms
  5. Bird pollinated flowers are often what color?
  1. a Gynoecium, which houses the female gametophytes

    Can have more than one carpel
  2. b Attaching to animals
  3. c Embryo sac; two sperm
  4. d Red (insects see in UV and aren't usually attracted to red)
  5. e Coniferophyta

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  1. Stamens; male gametophytes (pollen)

  2. Vehicle for dispersing the embryo to distant sites
  3. Spore-bearing plants
  4. Long neck or stalk that connects stigma to the ovary
    Some plants don't have one
  5. An anther (holds pollen) and a filament (stalk)

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  1. Seeds can absorb a lot of water and often the water pressure...Breaks the seed coat


  2. Pylum Gnetophyta- only gymnosperms with...Vessels in their xylem (as well as their tracheids)


  3. Seeds are important in four waysLarger than male, have woody scales


  4. PollinationSwollen base which consists of many ovules; ovary later develops into a fruit


  5. Some flowers secrete nectar fromNectaries
    Nectar contains sugars, amino acids, and other substances to attract pollinators