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  1. What defines germination?
  2. Fruits with hooks and spines disperse by
  3. Four major phyla of gymnosperms
  4. Male gametophytes (____ ____) develop from ______ found on male cones
  5. Style
  1. a Pollen grains; microspores

    Pollen grains develop air sacs to assist in dispersal
  2. b Coniferophyta
  3. c The emergence of the first root (radicle)
  4. d Attaching to animals
  5. e Long neck or stalk that connects stigma to the ovary
    Some plants don't have one

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  1. When bees are active
  2. Breaks the seed coat
  3. Megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis, followed by mitosis
    Microspore mother cells also undergoes meiosis followed by mitosis (results in pollen grain, which is the male gametophyte)
  4. The last of its kind (only one remaining species)
    No longer exists in the wild
  5. Modified leaf that encapsulates the seeds and develops into fruit

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  1. Carpel has three major regions:Bristlecone pine (~4800 years old)
    Named Methuselah


  2. Fruits with fleshy coverings that are shiny black, red, or blue are usually dispersed byWhorls


  3. Each stamen consists of...An anther (holds pollen) and a filament (stalk)


  4. Some flowers (oaks, birches, cottonwoods, grasses) use _____ pollinationNectaries
    Nectar contains sugars, amino acids, and other substances to attract pollinators


  5. What does "gymnosperm" mean? Why?"Naked seed"
    Lack the flowers and fruits of angiosperms and the seeds are not enclosed by sporophyte tissue