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  1. Some seeds only germinate after being passed through the digestive tract of the animal (which ensures dispersal), why?
  2. Female pine cones
  3. Other adaptations ensure that seeds will only germinate under proper conditions
  4. Bird pollinated flowers are often what color?
  5. Some flowers secrete nectar from
  1. a Red (insects see in UV and aren't usually attracted to red)
  2. b -Some seeds only germinate when inhibitory chemicals leak out into the environment (requires water)
    Some seeds require cold period (stratification)
    Cones may not open to let out seeds unless exposed to heat from a fire (fire clears out competition and releases nutrients into the soil)
  3. c Nectaries
    Nectar contains sugars, amino acids, and other substances to attract pollinators
  4. d Larger than male, have woody scales
  5. e Digestive enzymes break down the seed coat
    Feces provide a natural fertilizer

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  1. Pollen grains; microspores

    Pollen grains develop air sacs to assist in dispersal
  2. Heterosporous; two different gametophytes
  3. Pollinator, and vise versa (coevolution)
  4. Pines
  5. Flower bud that grows at the end of the stalk

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  1. OvaryLong neck or stalk that connects stigma to the ovary
    Some plants don't have one


  2. Carpel has three major regions:Modified stems with modified leaves


  3. Fruits with hooks and spines disperse bySmall animals that bury them


  4. What does "gymnosperm" mean? Why?"Naked seed"
    Lack the flowers and fruits of angiosperms and the seeds are not enclosed by sporophyte tissue


  5. Other insects that pollinateBristlecone pine (~4800 years old)
    Named Methuselah


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