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  1. Outermost whorl is the...
    Next whorl consists of...
  2. All seed plants are _____ and different spore types therefore give rise to...
  3. Each stamen consists of...
  4. Pylum Gnetophyta- only gymnosperms with...
  5. Flower parts are attaches in circles called
  1. a An anther (holds pollen) and a filament (stalk)
  2. b Heterosporous; two different gametophytes
  3. c Whorls
  4. d Sepals (most flowers have 3-5, they are usually green)
    Next whorl consists of petals (usually colored to attract pollinators)
  5. e Vessels in their xylem (as well as their tracheids)

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  1. Wind; small, odorless flowers are grouped in large numbers and often hang down to better catch wind
  2. Tropical and subtropical
  3. Bees
  4. Breaks the seed coat
  5. When bees are active

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  1. Fruits are mature ____; during seed formation, the _____ develops into a fruitOvaries (ovary)


  2. Reproduction varies: which two have motile sperm and which have non-flagellated sperm?Breaks the seed coat


  3. What has been the most important?Pines


  4. Acorns and nuts distributed bySmall animals that bury them


  5. What are all sperm carried within?A pollen tube