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  1. Pylum Gnetophyta- only gymnosperms with...
  2. Various species are useful to humans how?
  3. The outer layer (integument) develops into
  4. What are flowers?
  5. Seeds can absorb a lot of water and often the water pressure...
  1. a An impermeable seed coat (encloses the dormant embryo and stored food)
  2. b Vessels in their xylem (as well as their tracheids)
  3. c Breaks the seed coat
  4. d Timber for construction
    Taxol (used to treat cancer)
  5. e Modified stems with modified leaves

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  1. Ovary, stigma, style
  2. Butterflies (flowers may have a perch)
    Moths (pollinate at night, so flowers are scented and white)
    Beetles and flies (flowers sometimes smell like rotting flesh)
    Bats and small mammals
  3. Coniferophyta
  4. Attaching to animals
  5. Swollen base which consists of many ovules; ovary later develops into a fruit

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  1. Flower parts are attaches in circles calledA pollen tube


  2. At the center of the fourth whorl is the...Gynoecium, which houses the female gametophytes

    Can have more than one carpel


  3. StyleVehicle for dispersing the embryo to distant sites


  4. Similar life cycle toMegaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis, followed by mitosis
    Microspore mother cells also undergoes meiosis followed by mitosis (results in pollen grain, which is the male gametophyte)


  5. What does "gymnosperm" mean? Why?Extra layer of embryo protection
    Easily dispersed
    Seeds can be dormant and survive until environmental conditions are favorable