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  1. Some seeds only germinate after being passed through the digestive tract of the animal (which ensures dispersal), why?
  2. Third whorl contains _____, which produce...
  3. Fruits with fleshy coverings that are shiny black, red, or blue are usually dispersed by
  4. All seed plants are _____ and different spore types therefore give rise to...
  5. Acorns and nuts distributed by
  1. a Digestive enzymes break down the seed coat
    Feces provide a natural fertilizer
  2. b Small animals that bury them
  3. c Stamens; male gametophytes (pollen)

  4. d Vertebrates
  5. e Heterosporous; two different gametophytes

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  1. The last of its kind (only one remaining species)
    No longer exists in the wild
  2. Pollinator, and vise versa (coevolution)
  3. An anther (holds pollen) and a filament (stalk)
  4. Ovaries (ovary)
  5. Bees

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  1. Germination begins whenThe transfer of pollen from its source to a receptacle (stigma) of a flowering plant


  2. Seeds are important in four ways1. Seeds maintain dormancy in unfavorable conditions
    2. Seeds afford maximum protection when the plant is the most vulnerable
    3. Seeds contain food to permit young plants to grow before photosynthesis begins
    4. Seeds are adapted for dispersal (allows invasion of new habitats)


  3. What are flowers?Modified stems with modified leaves


  4. It is dioecious, meaningMale and female reproductive structures are produced on separate trees


  5. Male gametophytes (____ ____) develop from ______ found on male conesAn impermeable seed coat (encloses the dormant embryo and stored food)