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  1. Third whorl contains _____, which produce...
  2. Outermost whorl is the...
    Next whorl consists of...
  3. Various species are useful to humans how?
  4. Angiosperms
  5. Endosperm tissue provides
  1. a Nutrients for the embryo of the flowering plant
  2. b Sepals (most flowers have 3-5, they are usually green)
    Next whorl consists of petals (usually colored to attract pollinators)
  3. c Timber for construction
    Taxol (used to treat cancer)
  4. d Have flowers and fruits and sporophyte covered seeds
  5. e Stamens; male gametophytes (pollen)


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  1. Vertebrates
  2. Seed bank
  3. The seed absorbs water and metabolism resumes
  4. Spore-bearing plants
  5. Cycads and Ginkos have motile sperm, Conifers and Gnetophytes have non-flagellated sperm

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  1. Seeds are important in four ways1. Seeds maintain dormancy in unfavorable conditions
    2. Seeds afford maximum protection when the plant is the most vulnerable
    3. Seeds contain food to permit young plants to grow before photosynthesis begins
    4. Seeds are adapted for dispersal (allows invasion of new habitats)


  2. Flower morphology and timing has often evolved with theWhorls


  3. Other insects that pollinateButterflies (flowers may have a perch)
    Moths (pollinate at night, so flowers are scented and white)
    Beetles and flies (flowers sometimes smell like rotting flesh)
    Bats and small mammals


  4. All seed plants are _____ and different spore types therefore give rise to...Heterosporous; two different gametophytes


  5. Pollination by what mechanisms?Animals, wind, water, gravity