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  1. It is dioecious, meaning
  2. As compared to gymnosperms, angiosperms have/are...
  3. Seeds can absorb a lot of water and often the water pressure...
  4. What is the oldest tree?
  5. Similar life cycle to
  1. a Conifers
  2. b Breaks the seed coat
  3. c Bristlecone pine (~4800 years old)
    Named Methuselah
  4. d Male and female reproductive structures are produced on separate trees
  5. e Are heterosporous
    Have non-motile sperm
    Ovules that are enclosed within sporophyte tissue at the time of pollination

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  1. "Naked seed"
    Lack the flowers and fruits of angiosperms and the seeds are not enclosed by sporophyte tissue
  2. Coniferophyta
  3. Digestive enzymes break down the seed coat
    Feces provide a natural fertilizer
  4. Ovary, stigma, style
  5. Attaching to animals

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  1. Genera Ephedra is used to make ephedrine, which is a...Drug that was used to treat respiratory problems (was pulled from the market because it caused heart attacks/ strokes)


  2. Some flowers secrete nectar fromNectaries
    Nectar contains sugars, amino acids, and other substances to attract pollinators


  3. Time of day that a flower is open may correlate withWhen bees are active


  4. Male gametophytes (____ ____) develop from ______ found on male conesAn impermeable seed coat (encloses the dormant embryo and stored food)


  5. Other adaptations ensure that seeds will only germinate under proper conditions-Some seeds only germinate when inhibitory chemicals leak out into the environment (requires water)
    Some seeds require cold period (stratification)
    Cones may not open to let out seeds unless exposed to heat from a fire (fire clears out competition and releases nutrients into the soil)